Tuesday, August 11

Swim early this morning, a good 1050 yards. Swam most of the way. Tried to do some flip turns when I saw the girl next to them do them. I tried to copy her, here's how it went down:

Step 1: stop a few feet before the end of the lane
Step 2: plug nose with one arm while jumping off the bottom of the pool with both feet (which were now firmly planted on the ground)
Step 3: somersault
Step 4: try not to drown while frantically finding the wall with both feet
Step 5: emerge from water flailing trying to push off and let go of plugged nose

It was so graceful. I'm totally the next Michael Phelps. Totally.

Tried three times before giving up. I know it'll take practice but I just wanted to swim without drowning.

Ran 2miles at the gym this afternoon, in about 21minutes. Not bad. The gym though, was boiling! SO hot! Last time I wear a tee shirt tee shirt instead of a sleeveless something.

Happy Tuesday!


The Smith Family said...

The plugging of the nose cracked me up. Good job Kel. And great job on the running. I knew it wouldn't take much for you to be right back at it! Thanks for the motivation...I'm off to body pump!:)

teacherwoman said...

Oh there have been a few times where I tried a handful of times to conquer the flip turn and have failed. I need a pro to show me how. Where is Michael, anyway?

X-Country2 said...

Ha. Love the recap. The nose-plug probably isn't helping. :o)

alison said...

Lifetime is your gym, right? We joined this summer, so maybe I'll see you there sometime. Having a hard time staying motivated with running lately myself. And I'm to train for the Omaha half. You are doing great for such a short time after surgery--way to go!

jen said...

Kelly! I'm just catching up here and I"m so freaking happy to see you are running again! Congrats. :) You've done it perfectly too, smart and easy ramping back up and doing some cross training. I'm so impressed. Keep up the great work!

Oh and I don't flip turn. I can, sort of, but it stresses me out! haha. Keep with the open turns and use the opportunity to breathe. :)

Take it easy! :)

joyRuN said...

Ha! Your flipturns sound like MINE!

I'm still trying to get the hang of it. It'll probably take me the rest of the daggone summer to get it.

Here's what I watch to try & get it down (not like it helps):

Meg said...

Heh, it's been YEARS since I've attempted a flip turn! I think my last experience was somewhat close to yours.