Thursday, August 27

So, this picture is officially my background on my computer. I love that it was my first two mile race since the surgery. And I love that I was laughing so hard and so excited to have crossed the finish line. Yay. It just makes me happy. And, I think it's artsy cause of the way I'm barely in the picture and the time is kind of highlighted... okay well, I can't get the picture to save, so I'll link it. - I tried my link, didn't work. If you're curious, cause I know you are! Go to "view album" then, the pictures 161-176. My favorite picture is 164, the last on the first row. But checkout the picture before it to see how I totally ruined Wende's finsher's photo. I'm such a tool. No more arms up!

I had a great run last night. After at 12hr shift. That's right. I was feeling unusually energetic after work and I got out and ran before the sun went down. I ran at a 10:30 pace and I felt great. I felt like I was flying. Very very cool.

I have that 5K coming up this weekend, so hopefully that'll go well. It's just Ann and I, hopefully we can beat our time from our last 5K, but I think it'll be crowded so we'll see.

Other workouts since I last posted:

Saturday: 2.38mi/27:19/11:28AP

Sunday: 4.11mi/49:40/12:05AP - Sunday morning long run. This was Ann's first time attempting 4miles. I actually had to walk twice somewhere after three miles. I had some GI issues the first time and the second was an uphill. I must have been fatigued because my heartrate was creeping up there and I was worn out! Ew.

Monday, didn't feel well, break.

Tuesday: 2.25mi/28:31/12:40AP (with Tiffany, nice slow run just to catch up...neither of us were really feeling it - obviously, checkout our pace!)

Wednesday: 2.15mi/24:41/11:28AP - run out around the block.

Thursday: 1.66mi/17:29/10:31AP - FANTASTIC quick little run! Yay!

Let you all know what happens tomorrow.



X-Country2 said...

Look at you! You're totally on your way back. :o)

Suzino said...

That was a lot of work for a picture! but totally worth at. Glad to see all good and you're back on track for a marathon (whether it be next October or sooner!!!)