Friday, August 21

hi there.

Well folks. I've been waiting for the race I ran on Saturday to post some pictures I thought were taken of me and my racing friends. But alas, none are posted. Bummer. So here's one taken from Wende's camera phone:

That's Wende, Amy, me and Ann.

Notice the awesome XXXL shirt I'm wearing? The one that makes me look like I have chicken legs? They ran out of sizes or something so I picked that one up out of a pile of left overs. And, it was freezing so I wore it post race. Sexy, I know.

The race went well! It was a downpour right before the race. Cold, wet, icky. They talked of postponing it, but when we got some sunshine for the next 1 1/2hr in the forecast we ran it. Ann ran her first full (by full, I mean without stopping!) 5K!!!! I ran it with her and we finished around 38:50ish. So everyone congratulate her! (I'll pass it along) I was tired at the end of the race but not too bad at all! Can't wait for the next 5K next weekend.

I don't know if I've told everyone, but I'm trying to train for a 10K at the end of September. I don't know how it'll go and I'm not registered yet. But hopefully it'll be good. I think this'll be the first time I'm actually registered for a real in person 10K. I think I'll be really nervous. I did Phedip's 10K last year and kinda cheated my way through on the treadmill. I had to do some stopping and starting and kinda did the math in my head when I thought I was done. I should really erase my "PR" for the 10K. I think I will. Fresh start.

I've been running/walking recently. No swimming this week though.

Saturday was the race: 5K/38:50/12:29AP

Sunday: 2.3mi/32:30/14:07AP. Tried to do a "quick 2miles" with Ann. Ended up with LOTS of walking cause we were going much faster during our running time. 9:30-10:20AP when running. Which, don't laugh, is speedy for us.

Monday the 17th I was back with my official running buddy/partner Tiffany! You all remember her, right? Well, she kicked my butt with some strength training. I ran a 10minute "high intensity" cardio on the TM in between. Also followed by a very uncoordinated 5minutes on the elliptical. I looked like a huge spaz. Let me tell you! It was not pretty!

Tuesday I ran with Ann. Had a good solid 3miles at a 12:10AP. Felt so good!

Wed I worked 12hr, no running.

Thursday I over slept and went to meet Tiffany at the gym. Did the TM for 16:00 for 1.44miles/11:06AP. (While she was finishing up her 40minutes, I'm such a slacker!) Felt awful! Had to stop at 6:00 cause a) Tiffany's had me on this 2.0 incline business that I'm NOT used too and b) I'm out of shape. So I got home, grumpy and went for a nice run outside around the block. 1.27miles/14:49/11:40AP. Not great time but it felt good to run more than 1.44miles that day!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm looking forward to maybe 4miles on Sunday to keep up with my 10K plan. We'll see. I'm sure I'll be updating you guys.

Okay - Update. Just did 4.4 miles/53:50ish/12:06AP. Whoot whoo!

And, Cross Country Squared has a giveaway. Check it out! Fun times. Now I'm jealous I'm not doing the triathlon next weekend. Oh well, 5k it is. Maybe next year...


X-Country2 said...

First, that shirt is AWESOME. Second, congrats to you and your friends for killing that rainy race. Third, thanks for the shoutout, and you'll be back to race/tri strength soon. :o)

Suzino said...

Look at you and you're new pretty blog. Glad you're running more again. Sucks you still can't do the Chicago Marathon. And i don't believe it was a Triple X, it probably was just a large. I know you.

Bootchez said...

I totally dig the big shirt, too! I'm enjoying following you as you get your fitness back. And, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but it is So. Refreshing. to hear of someone running around the same paces that I do -- sometimes I think I'm the only one!

And you'll ROCK that 10k, you can so do it!

jen said...

You are doing great! Nice job on the race and I know you'll do great on the 10k. Especially with so many running buddies! Jealous!