Monday, August 10


Folks. It's been over a week inbetween running stints. I ran that Lake Wehrspann race in just under 22minutes last Sunday (no walk breaks!). That was following a straight (no walk break) 2miler the day before. I was on a roll. Then a week of blah. I was not enjoying the things I normally enjoy last week, quilting, running, swimming, sitting out at the pool...just blah. No emotion. I know everyone gets down but it's so overwhelming when you do, you know?

I turned a corner Friday and went to my sister in law's baby shower Saturday. And, I got out for a run today. Just around the block, nothing fancy. Thinking about going to see Julie and Julia today by myself. I am 27, and I have never seen a movie by this should be an adventure.

I know you all have missed me and my boring data (since we last talked):

Sunday 26th: 1000yd swim/27:00/2:42/100yds
Run immediately following swim: 4.16/59:29/14:17AP (around Lake Z with the girls)

Monday 27th: 3.02/32:00/10:35AP (TM)

Tuesday 28th: 1.49miles/17:48/12:01AP (out around the block)

Wednesday 29th: 2.00/20:30/10:15AP (this must have been on the TM)

Saturday before the race: 2.11miles/25:18/11:59AP

Race day: 2.00miles/21:59/10:59AP

And finally today, 1.22miles/13:06/10:44AP - it's a start, right?

Here's to a relaxin Monday to all you guys. I'm back to work Thursday for a couple 12s in a row. I think I'll try blogging more frequently, that seems to keep me motivated. So, you're stuck with me for a little while.

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X-Country2 said...

That's certainly progress! Happy to read you're moving in the right direction.