Thursday, August 27

So, this picture is officially my background on my computer. I love that it was my first two mile race since the surgery. And I love that I was laughing so hard and so excited to have crossed the finish line. Yay. It just makes me happy. And, I think it's artsy cause of the way I'm barely in the picture and the time is kind of highlighted... okay well, I can't get the picture to save, so I'll link it. - I tried my link, didn't work. If you're curious, cause I know you are! Go to "view album" then, the pictures 161-176. My favorite picture is 164, the last on the first row. But checkout the picture before it to see how I totally ruined Wende's finsher's photo. I'm such a tool. No more arms up!

I had a great run last night. After at 12hr shift. That's right. I was feeling unusually energetic after work and I got out and ran before the sun went down. I ran at a 10:30 pace and I felt great. I felt like I was flying. Very very cool.

I have that 5K coming up this weekend, so hopefully that'll go well. It's just Ann and I, hopefully we can beat our time from our last 5K, but I think it'll be crowded so we'll see.

Other workouts since I last posted:

Saturday: 2.38mi/27:19/11:28AP

Sunday: 4.11mi/49:40/12:05AP - Sunday morning long run. This was Ann's first time attempting 4miles. I actually had to walk twice somewhere after three miles. I had some GI issues the first time and the second was an uphill. I must have been fatigued because my heartrate was creeping up there and I was worn out! Ew.

Monday, didn't feel well, break.

Tuesday: 2.25mi/28:31/12:40AP (with Tiffany, nice slow run just to catch up...neither of us were really feeling it - obviously, checkout our pace!)

Wednesday: 2.15mi/24:41/11:28AP - run out around the block.

Thursday: 1.66mi/17:29/10:31AP - FANTASTIC quick little run! Yay!

Let you all know what happens tomorrow.


Friday, August 21

hi there.

Well folks. I've been waiting for the race I ran on Saturday to post some pictures I thought were taken of me and my racing friends. But alas, none are posted. Bummer. So here's one taken from Wende's camera phone:

That's Wende, Amy, me and Ann.

Notice the awesome XXXL shirt I'm wearing? The one that makes me look like I have chicken legs? They ran out of sizes or something so I picked that one up out of a pile of left overs. And, it was freezing so I wore it post race. Sexy, I know.

The race went well! It was a downpour right before the race. Cold, wet, icky. They talked of postponing it, but when we got some sunshine for the next 1 1/2hr in the forecast we ran it. Ann ran her first full (by full, I mean without stopping!) 5K!!!! I ran it with her and we finished around 38:50ish. So everyone congratulate her! (I'll pass it along) I was tired at the end of the race but not too bad at all! Can't wait for the next 5K next weekend.

I don't know if I've told everyone, but I'm trying to train for a 10K at the end of September. I don't know how it'll go and I'm not registered yet. But hopefully it'll be good. I think this'll be the first time I'm actually registered for a real in person 10K. I think I'll be really nervous. I did Phedip's 10K last year and kinda cheated my way through on the treadmill. I had to do some stopping and starting and kinda did the math in my head when I thought I was done. I should really erase my "PR" for the 10K. I think I will. Fresh start.

I've been running/walking recently. No swimming this week though.

Saturday was the race: 5K/38:50/12:29AP

Sunday: 2.3mi/32:30/14:07AP. Tried to do a "quick 2miles" with Ann. Ended up with LOTS of walking cause we were going much faster during our running time. 9:30-10:20AP when running. Which, don't laugh, is speedy for us.

Monday the 17th I was back with my official running buddy/partner Tiffany! You all remember her, right? Well, she kicked my butt with some strength training. I ran a 10minute "high intensity" cardio on the TM in between. Also followed by a very uncoordinated 5minutes on the elliptical. I looked like a huge spaz. Let me tell you! It was not pretty!

Tuesday I ran with Ann. Had a good solid 3miles at a 12:10AP. Felt so good!

Wed I worked 12hr, no running.

Thursday I over slept and went to meet Tiffany at the gym. Did the TM for 16:00 for 1.44miles/11:06AP. (While she was finishing up her 40minutes, I'm such a slacker!) Felt awful! Had to stop at 6:00 cause a) Tiffany's had me on this 2.0 incline business that I'm NOT used too and b) I'm out of shape. So I got home, grumpy and went for a nice run outside around the block. 1.27miles/14:49/11:40AP. Not great time but it felt good to run more than 1.44miles that day!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm looking forward to maybe 4miles on Sunday to keep up with my 10K plan. We'll see. I'm sure I'll be updating you guys.

Okay - Update. Just did 4.4 miles/53:50ish/12:06AP. Whoot whoo!

And, Cross Country Squared has a giveaway. Check it out! Fun times. Now I'm jealous I'm not doing the triathlon next weekend. Oh well, 5k it is. Maybe next year...

Tuesday, August 11

Swim early this morning, a good 1050 yards. Swam most of the way. Tried to do some flip turns when I saw the girl next to them do them. I tried to copy her, here's how it went down:

Step 1: stop a few feet before the end of the lane
Step 2: plug nose with one arm while jumping off the bottom of the pool with both feet (which were now firmly planted on the ground)
Step 3: somersault
Step 4: try not to drown while frantically finding the wall with both feet
Step 5: emerge from water flailing trying to push off and let go of plugged nose

It was so graceful. I'm totally the next Michael Phelps. Totally.

Tried three times before giving up. I know it'll take practice but I just wanted to swim without drowning.

Ran 2miles at the gym this afternoon, in about 21minutes. Not bad. The gym though, was boiling! SO hot! Last time I wear a tee shirt tee shirt instead of a sleeveless something.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 10


Folks. It's been over a week inbetween running stints. I ran that Lake Wehrspann race in just under 22minutes last Sunday (no walk breaks!). That was following a straight (no walk break) 2miler the day before. I was on a roll. Then a week of blah. I was not enjoying the things I normally enjoy last week, quilting, running, swimming, sitting out at the pool...just blah. No emotion. I know everyone gets down but it's so overwhelming when you do, you know?

I turned a corner Friday and went to my sister in law's baby shower Saturday. And, I got out for a run today. Just around the block, nothing fancy. Thinking about going to see Julie and Julia today by myself. I am 27, and I have never seen a movie by this should be an adventure.

I know you all have missed me and my boring data (since we last talked):

Sunday 26th: 1000yd swim/27:00/2:42/100yds
Run immediately following swim: 4.16/59:29/14:17AP (around Lake Z with the girls)

Monday 27th: 3.02/32:00/10:35AP (TM)

Tuesday 28th: 1.49miles/17:48/12:01AP (out around the block)

Wednesday 29th: 2.00/20:30/10:15AP (this must have been on the TM)

Saturday before the race: 2.11miles/25:18/11:59AP

Race day: 2.00miles/21:59/10:59AP

And finally today, 1.22miles/13:06/10:44AP - it's a start, right?

Here's to a relaxin Monday to all you guys. I'm back to work Thursday for a couple 12s in a row. I think I'll try blogging more frequently, that seems to keep me motivated. So, you're stuck with me for a little while.