Friday, July 24

I'm trying this "only blog once a week thing" so you don't get too sick of me.

I went for my run on Sunday with Ann and Wende. Which was a lot of fun, despite the crash. Before this run, Ann and I met up at my gym and did some friendly laps. I did about 550yds in about 20min. It's hard swimming with someone who doesn't normally swim, I feel bad leaving them in the dust. But not too bad! :D

Back to the crash. We were running on a crowded (relatively) cement trail which has a lot of twists and turns. Well we were running three across, with me on the inside, Wende and then Ann. A bike rounded a turn going very fast, and yelled something like "Will you give me some room?!" and swerved towards Ann. A few seconds later, while trying to navigate his second turn he crashed. Yelling "Didn't you see me coming? Give me some room you dumb B*tch!". Ann said "A little warning would have been nice" or something along those lines in response. But I think it may have been mostly his fault, we all agreed he was riding WAY too fast for that trail. And he probably would have crashed anyways around that second tight turn. We never saw him again even though we ran in a big circle. I think he was taking that half of the lake as a shortcut to another street. I don't think there was any need for that kind of language on his part. Very rude, and upsetting.

Monday I worked out again and then took Tuesday off because I had gone back to work on Monday night and my legs were aching! Wednesday I worked 12, and surprise surprise, my hubby and I had Thursday off together and didn't work out. Doesn't that sound familiar? I did the loop around my block today for a total of 2.33 miles in 29:13. So I'm steadily improving.

Swim: 550 yds 20:00 3:38/100yds (slower cause I was swimming with someone new)
Run: 4.18/1:01 14:38/mile

Run: 1.76/19:50 11:16/mile (inside on the treadmill)

Run: 2.33/29:13 12:32/mile

Definitely some improvement on time when I was indoors. Probably that there wasn't any incline.

Now onto problems. I'm having a hard time getting Garmie to sync with my ANT stick. When I click on the Garmin ANT Agent logo I get this: "USB ANT(tm) stick: Not Active. No Device". And my runs won't sync. I try unplugging the stick and replugging it back in and sometimes it works. Sometimes it syncs and transfers but doesn't show up on my activities on my Garmin Connect website. The last three times I haven't been able to connect at all. Any suggestions?


Suzino said...

I will never be sick of your blogging/updates.

X-Country2 said...

Call Garmin. Every time I've called they've been SUPER helpful and fixed it right away.

hoodie said...

If you are running Windows XP, you might have to plug the USB stick into the exact same USB port to get it to work.

Ulyana said...

Oh! I have a cyclist story like that! I had a flat during the triathlon that I had this last weekend. And after I got the new tube in, I was right on the far edge on the right hand side of the road so I could get on the bike and get riding again. And then this guy on his carbon bike with aerohelmet and other silly "fast rider" gadgets flies by and scrapes my arm, then turns around as he's flying by and gives me the dirtiest look ever. I couldn't believe it. First of all, didn't he see me right there by a vehicle fashing emergency lights? Second of all, what does he think going that fast on the right side of the road, passing people on the right? He should have been penalized! Anyway, some people, I swear! And then you are at fault b/c you are not the one crashing, right?

Great improvement!!! Keep it up!