Wednesday, July 8

Hello hello. Spent a great 4th at home. Lots of my mom's family which was great. So glad we went.

Did a 1.6mile walk around the block yesterday and if it stops raining I may just do the same today. I think it may have taken me over an hour. But I was reading a book while I walked and enjoying the sunshine.

My dad's quilt a failure, I put together a top and backing I'd had lying around that I hadn't quilted yet and he loved it. Too small for his double bed but I think he was using it when I left his house. I'm busy working on my mystery quilt. I have no idea what it looks like in the end, I just picked out contrasting fabric and my quilt shop puts out "clues" every two weeks that tell you what to do. This week I made 80 square patches and 80 hourglass patches. Can't wait to see the final thing. Next clue comes out Saturday!

I'm taking a long stitch (okay that's not my image but it's too cute!) class tomorrow night and a machine quilting class on Sunday. The long stitch I'm pretty excited about it's like cross stitch without the cross technique.

I've tried taking pictures of my projects but the lighting in my house really doesn't do the colors justice. I'll try to take the projects outside for a photo op when it's not so wet outside.

Can't wait until I can tone up again. I have a feeling I will be starting from scratch, preparing myself not to be able to run a mile without stopping. But it'll be okay. It will. I can get back to my 10miles, I know it. I have to believe!


PS - So I just updated my "running totals" in the side bar. I can't believe that I got 23miles in May. I thought I'd felt awful! That's what running one 1/2 will do to your total though!


teacherwoman said...

The mystery quilt sounds like fun. Glad to hear you are up and moving a bit more. take care of yourself!

The Smith Family said...

Miss seeing ya Kelly, but I'm glad you're doing some fun things at home. All this quilting makes me want to "really" learn. I've quilted a few quilts but I want to learn how to quilt by hand...that's my next thing to accomplish, maybe you can teach me some things! Keep up the walking, sounds like it'll be a nice cool weekend, perfect for a good walk!:)

jen said...

Great job getting out for a walk! I know you'll make a complete recovery. In fact, you'll be stronger than ever. This is going to make you appreciate your ability to move, to run. Plus you now know how amazingly strong you are! Keep up the good work. I'm rooting for you!! :)

X-Country2 said...

Walking is the first step to running. :o) Way to get out there! Good luck with teh quilt. Sounds like a fun project.