Wednesday, July 15

Another day, another run.

Look at me, all sporty and what not again! I knew it'd happen.

Well, as sporty as attempting to run a whole 1/2mile at once can be.

Today's stats: 1.88miles in 23:26. So, I must have ran more today than yesterday. Cause hubby didn't go with me and I could go at my own pace. I was less tired. I want to get over to the pool for a swim, but that could be pushing it and I think we're going to see Transformers 2 today. So I may run out of time.

I'm trying to develop better running habits with respects to what I do after my run. I allowed myself a little walk cool down, after kicking the hill to my house's a%&. Yesterday I wussed out on it. Today, listening to my ipod, I ran the whole way up to the house! Little goals, right? I also yesterday and today turned one yoga for distance runners and stretched and did 100 situps. Yesterday I also added on 30 girlie pushups in sets of 5. Today my arms were pretty sore just pumping while I ran so I didn't push it today. I did my situps really slow and today did 25 bridges really slow. If it hurts, even a little bit, I stop. Running buddy says I need to check into some physical therapy for my abdominal muscles. What do you all think? I think it maybe more money and what not...I'm debating.

I took some time with my violets today and repotted a bunch of my plants. I used to swear by these african violet pots, and I think they in the end, didn't allow as much water to be absorbed into the plants as the plain, cheap plastic ones with the holes in the bottom that the plants come in. So I've converted everyone back to those and, I had stolen leaves from some of my dad's african violets at home and just put those in soil after rooting them. Everyone's taking a drink and african violet food in my sink right now. I also yesterday decided I needed this flame violet (well not this specific one, but it looks pretty similar). Which sounds really cool, but I'm not sure how to take care of it. Anyone have any experience?

Hope everyone had a good day today.


X-Country2 said...

Yay for little goals! One of my best friends is a PT, so I'm always a fan of that. Good luck with your road to recovery. Sounds like you're on a good path.

Blyfinn said...

Just take it slow and you will be fine. It was a hard three months for me but I'm glad I did not push to hard to soon. Keep it up!