Friday, July 24

I'm trying this "only blog once a week thing" so you don't get too sick of me.

I went for my run on Sunday with Ann and Wende. Which was a lot of fun, despite the crash. Before this run, Ann and I met up at my gym and did some friendly laps. I did about 550yds in about 20min. It's hard swimming with someone who doesn't normally swim, I feel bad leaving them in the dust. But not too bad! :D

Back to the crash. We were running on a crowded (relatively) cement trail which has a lot of twists and turns. Well we were running three across, with me on the inside, Wende and then Ann. A bike rounded a turn going very fast, and yelled something like "Will you give me some room?!" and swerved towards Ann. A few seconds later, while trying to navigate his second turn he crashed. Yelling "Didn't you see me coming? Give me some room you dumb B*tch!". Ann said "A little warning would have been nice" or something along those lines in response. But I think it may have been mostly his fault, we all agreed he was riding WAY too fast for that trail. And he probably would have crashed anyways around that second tight turn. We never saw him again even though we ran in a big circle. I think he was taking that half of the lake as a shortcut to another street. I don't think there was any need for that kind of language on his part. Very rude, and upsetting.

Monday I worked out again and then took Tuesday off because I had gone back to work on Monday night and my legs were aching! Wednesday I worked 12, and surprise surprise, my hubby and I had Thursday off together and didn't work out. Doesn't that sound familiar? I did the loop around my block today for a total of 2.33 miles in 29:13. So I'm steadily improving.

Swim: 550 yds 20:00 3:38/100yds (slower cause I was swimming with someone new)
Run: 4.18/1:01 14:38/mile

Run: 1.76/19:50 11:16/mile (inside on the treadmill)

Run: 2.33/29:13 12:32/mile

Definitely some improvement on time when I was indoors. Probably that there wasn't any incline.

Now onto problems. I'm having a hard time getting Garmie to sync with my ANT stick. When I click on the Garmin ANT Agent logo I get this: "USB ANT(tm) stick: Not Active. No Device". And my runs won't sync. I try unplugging the stick and replugging it back in and sometimes it works. Sometimes it syncs and transfers but doesn't show up on my activities on my Garmin Connect website. The last three times I haven't been able to connect at all. Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 18

8.5miles for the week...not too bad, right?

I'm pretty psyched about it actually. I went for another run this morning with a new running buddy (sorry Tiffany). Wende is a girlfriend of an acquaintance/facebook friend. She was very nice about walking with me and keeping it slow and mellow. By slow I mean we did 2.53miles in 33:08. Yeah. Slow.

We made another "date" for tomorrow with another friend who is new to running. Hopefully Wende doesn't mind another slow run.

This recuperating thing is annoying. I want to be back where I was where a mile was nothing, now 1/2 a mile at once is a struggle. Oh well, I'll get there.

Thinking about a swim sometime this weekend too. Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, July 17

Yesterday I decided to take a break from running cause I don't want to over do it. And, I swam. Yep, I'm just diving back into all this (sorry about the pun). I did 15 laps and really felt tired around 11 but pushed through to 15. It felt great to stretch with each stroke, I felt like my arms and abs and whole body really got a workout. I got out of the pool and my inner thighs hurt...oh yeah. I'll get my body back! Just watch, or don't that's creepy. But I'll feel so much better when I'm toned back up. I feel like such a slob!

I talked to one of my doctors about PT for the abs, and he frowned and said "why? You're a healthy young woman, you shouldn't need it". So, I guess I'm not PT'ing my abs. It's a vertical midline incision and cut through the abdominal muscles so hopefully it'll just start to heal up nice. The sit ups I did Tuesday and Wednesday we're horrible so I think I'll be fine.

I'm getting ready to try another run around my block, maybe two miles? This time I can't forget my heart rate monitor! That would be a good thing. I don't want to die out there.

Look what I just registered for:
Amanda's gear giveaway I love run to the finish's giveaways, and she's such a cool person. Check out her blog anyways.

Wednesday, July 15

Another day, another run.

Look at me, all sporty and what not again! I knew it'd happen.

Well, as sporty as attempting to run a whole 1/2mile at once can be.

Today's stats: 1.88miles in 23:26. So, I must have ran more today than yesterday. Cause hubby didn't go with me and I could go at my own pace. I was less tired. I want to get over to the pool for a swim, but that could be pushing it and I think we're going to see Transformers 2 today. So I may run out of time.

I'm trying to develop better running habits with respects to what I do after my run. I allowed myself a little walk cool down, after kicking the hill to my house's a%&. Yesterday I wussed out on it. Today, listening to my ipod, I ran the whole way up to the house! Little goals, right? I also yesterday and today turned one yoga for distance runners and stretched and did 100 situps. Yesterday I also added on 30 girlie pushups in sets of 5. Today my arms were pretty sore just pumping while I ran so I didn't push it today. I did my situps really slow and today did 25 bridges really slow. If it hurts, even a little bit, I stop. Running buddy says I need to check into some physical therapy for my abdominal muscles. What do you all think? I think it maybe more money and what not...I'm debating.

I took some time with my violets today and repotted a bunch of my plants. I used to swear by these african violet pots, and I think they in the end, didn't allow as much water to be absorbed into the plants as the plain, cheap plastic ones with the holes in the bottom that the plants come in. So I've converted everyone back to those and, I had stolen leaves from some of my dad's african violets at home and just put those in soil after rooting them. Everyone's taking a drink and african violet food in my sink right now. I also yesterday decided I needed this flame violet (well not this specific one, but it looks pretty similar). Which sounds really cool, but I'm not sure how to take care of it. Anyone have any experience?

Hope everyone had a good day today.

Tuesday, July 14


Yes. That's right, my doctor cleared me for running and other such activities as long as I don't lift more than 40 pounds for the next month. Which, won't be a problem.

I couldn't wait for my running buddy. Scratch that, I was too nervous to run with her cause I knew this first time would be mostly walking...I would be embarrassed. So I ran with my hubby, 1.63 miles in 21:52. Not a PR my any means but it's definitely a start!!!!

So, can I just say for a moment, that my husband does not run. But he kicked my a%$ today. He was just jogging along at 9:00 pace "Trying to slow down" but it was hard for him to go much slower because of his "longer stride". Ugh.

But, it's a start and I can't wait for tomorrow to try to run more during my run than I did today. There was a lot of walking involved. I think it may have been because a) I haven't run in over 7 weeks and b) Brian was running faster than I'm used to when I'm in shape let alone now.

Maybe my running buddy will have time to squeeze in a run before her vaca... maybe?


Get ready for more posting about running people, this is going to happen.

Wednesday, July 8

Hello hello. Spent a great 4th at home. Lots of my mom's family which was great. So glad we went.

Did a 1.6mile walk around the block yesterday and if it stops raining I may just do the same today. I think it may have taken me over an hour. But I was reading a book while I walked and enjoying the sunshine.

My dad's quilt a failure, I put together a top and backing I'd had lying around that I hadn't quilted yet and he loved it. Too small for his double bed but I think he was using it when I left his house. I'm busy working on my mystery quilt. I have no idea what it looks like in the end, I just picked out contrasting fabric and my quilt shop puts out "clues" every two weeks that tell you what to do. This week I made 80 square patches and 80 hourglass patches. Can't wait to see the final thing. Next clue comes out Saturday!

I'm taking a long stitch (okay that's not my image but it's too cute!) class tomorrow night and a machine quilting class on Sunday. The long stitch I'm pretty excited about it's like cross stitch without the cross technique.

I've tried taking pictures of my projects but the lighting in my house really doesn't do the colors justice. I'll try to take the projects outside for a photo op when it's not so wet outside.

Can't wait until I can tone up again. I have a feeling I will be starting from scratch, preparing myself not to be able to run a mile without stopping. But it'll be okay. It will. I can get back to my 10miles, I know it. I have to believe!


PS - So I just updated my "running totals" in the side bar. I can't believe that I got 23miles in May. I thought I'd felt awful! That's what running one 1/2 will do to your total though!

Wednesday, July 1

Hello blog world! I've been doing well this past week or so, thanks for asking. Continuing to feel better. Laughing has been better so the hubby and I went to see the Hangover. Pretty funny. Going to Chicago today to be with the fam on the 4th. Quilting tons. Had a quilt fail the last few days that gave me a headache, I don't think I'm ready for triangles yet. So yesterday I spent the day quilting a top that I already had made for my dad. I'll spend the trip to Chicago binding it.

So, running buddies, how boring is it talking about quilting? I have such old lady hobbies! I now try to go for a slow walk around the block every day for the last three days. SLOW. I may talk Garmie out one of these days but it'll be embarrassing.

Happy 4th everyone!