Tuesday, May 19

I'm back.

So...a lot to update. I'll start with me, cause I know you all were very worried. :D The MRI was negative for problems in the liver. I'm still on antibiotics till I see a urologist next Tuesday. Just switched to a new one today cause I'm still having symptoms with little relief for a few days then back with pain. It's distracting and frustrating!

While I was gone, I went to my sister's graduation in Portland. Here's a few highlights in pictures!

This sign greeted us as we deboarded the plane in Vegas. We thought it was hilarious.

I'm sorry, but me dancing with my grandpa - awesome. He's the best lead.

Like any good big sis, I gave my sister a gift that made us both cry. That's her "talk amongst yourselves" face.

Mags - all graduated. That's me, Maggie, Dad, and Grady. What's left of our family.

We went back to the vineyard we were married at, how romantical.

Best corner in Portland. Hands down.

Us at the Monday Portland Beavers game. Go Beavs!

Visited Multnomah falls.

Yes, I was that tourist.

So, even though he was in one of these "highlight" pictures, the hubby did get sick of pictures. And I wanted to crop my face out of this one cause it was raining off and on this day and my hair was ueber icky. But then you wouldn't have gotten the full effect.

Highlight of the trip - meeting Jen from runningstories! We had a few drinks with her and her husband. Very cool people. Too bad I was too shy to get a run in. And I would have probably been too sore anyways.


Ran today with the hubby. Took Garmie out for a run around the block. Turns out, around the block is about 1.21 miles. And, when we weren't walking we held a 9:30ish pace. Go us. Not a bad bunny for someone who never runs, right? He could tell he had pain in his foot though, so no more for a little while.


I just signed up for a 5mile memorial day run with my former roomie from college and her sister. Should be fun. Wish me luck!


So, in sad news. My baby. Buttercup:

Probably has cancer. Last Thursday, when I had my MRI, Buttercup had an ultrasound. They found a mass in her liver and multiple abdominal lymphnodes that were enlarged. They were able to biopsy the lymphnodes with a FNA and we should maybe have results soon. Now, it's killing me, breaking my heart to see her sick. She's consistantly lost weight the last few months, she's now a meak 7.5 when she's normally a healthy happy 10pounder. She only eats wet food now and we have to bring it to her. Right now she's sleeping behind the open office door behind me.

I'm getting better now that she's eating a little more, and this afternoon I was greeted with a weak meow. I think she developed a sinus infection in her probable immunosupression and is now on antibiotics. She's gotten a few doses so hopefully she'll feel a little better. She sneezed all weekend, and she's not purring. Do you think that purring might be hindered with a sinus infection? I hope it's not cause she's in pain or sad. I don't think we'll put her through chemo. As much as it's crushing, I don't want to prolong a life of someone who doesn't know what's happening, you know? She wouldn't know what the chemo was or that it was going to maybe help her stay with us a little while longer. It just seems (and this is how I have to phrase it now so that I can deal with it, no judgement meant to anyone who's chosen chemo) selfish. I have to think of it that way. Just have to. She is my baby and I do not want her to suffer. And, it's not like it's in one lymphnode, her liver's already comprimised. She'll probably have nausea and vomiting with or without chemo. Tomorrow we're having a friend from work, and now photographer who did our engagement photos come to our house to take our pictures as a family. Just us and the two girls.

So, with that. I have to go finish straightening up for the photo shoot. Have a happy rest of the Tuesday everyone. Glad to be back. I'm getting caught up on blog posts, just not commenting a whole lot. So much reading!


Jamie said...

Looks like a great trip to Portland. I'm sorry to hear about your baby! That is so sad. And I hope you get some answers about your health too soon!

ECrunnergirl said...

The pictures are great Kel....and Im so sorry to hear about the kitty. Just having gone through something similar, I must say that you are doing the right thing for sure. No sense in letting that baby suffer. Its better to have quality of life with the life that is left. My thoughts and prayers go out to you for your health and for that sweet little kitty ;-)

teacherwoman said...

Looks like a great trip! Sorry to hear about your cat. So sad. And, I hope your health starts looking up!

X-Country2 said...

I went to Portland last month, and I thought it was beautiful! Great city. Best wishes to your cat. Things like that can be so sad. :o(

Blyfinn said...

Looks like a great trip. Good luck in the 5 miler. Our prayers are going out to your cat.

Treadmill Monkey said...

Oh god. I'm going through the same thing with my dog Pepper. Well, not cancer but she needs a hip replacement. It's so sad to see that she has the drive but quickly losing the legs to run around and catch gophers and squirrels. I have a vet appointment next week and think the diagnosis is a No Money Summer Vacation. Urrghh.