Wednesday, May 27


So, before I update with the 5miler race report. I have to vent.

You all know I've been having health issues. Frequent UTIs and my CT scan on the 5th showed an abnormal liver, cysts on ovaries and kidneys, pectus excavatum, etc. MRI with the liver was "fine" on the 14th. Went to urologist and girlie doctor yesterday. Need to, but can't have a cysto because the doctor thinks I'd be septic because I'm so dehydrated and my UTI is so severe at this point. Girlie doctor rechecked LFTs (which I just found out are "fine" according to her nurse) and had an ultrasound scheduled because my cyst (that I was just told we'd have to watch and wait) is quadruple the size of my ovary. Not a watch and wait kind of thing. Depending on this ultrasound, if the cyst is the smaller we just watch and keep doing ultrasounds until it's gone. If it's the same size or larger (the doctor could still feel it on physical exam which had me worried) we need to talk surgery to remove it. If it looks on the ultrasound like it's solid, they may need to take my ovary out as well. I'm just frustrated at my PCP cause he made the cysts seem like no big deal, every one gets them. I guess that's why doctors have specialities and I guess that I'm glad I had my girlie doctor appointment this time of the year.

Yeah that's a heck of a lot to absorb in a few short weeks. I'm kind of a mess right now. I'm pushing fluids which I hate and I was chilled and yicky this morning. Thankfully I got a staff reduction today for the whole 12 hours so I was able to reschedule my ultrasound which was this Friday to this morning so I should know more sooner rather than later.

Well. The 5miler was dismal. I finished in 1:02:27. The race itself was fun except to get a parking spot in the vicinity of the race you had to show up at 7:30 for a 9am start. But I had fun cheering on all the 1mile race finishers so that helped pass the time. I walked during the race and had low abdominal pain, surprise surprise. What else is new? Turns out I can't run a mile any more. But when I haven't consistently worked out since...the beginning of April! What do I expect, right? I guess that's what makes me a runner. I'm basically back to square one and I'll have to get my endurance and speed back again sometime. But I'll get out there. Right now I can't go a few minutes without the urge to pee so I guess it's indoors on the treadmill for now. Ugh. I hate this feeling.

I signed up a friend (who's brand new to running) and myself for a 5K at the end of June. And I do need to start a training plan soon. Thanks for the advice people. I think I'll probably do an augmentation of the sports fitness and RW smartcoach.




M*J*C said...

Hey- I'm just catching up on everyone, so sorry to hear about all the trouble you're having, I'm sure you are totally frustrated. You've worked really hard and made such major progress, I really feel for you.
I've dealt with frequent UTI's since I was 4 years old, they are horrible alone, then combined with everything else you've got going on...I give you major credit for doing your 5 miler!
Hang in there, I'll be thinking about you!

X-Country2 said...

Oh no, Kelly that's terrible! I hope you get all cyst stuff figured out asap. That's so scary.

As far as the running, once you get healthy, you'll be surprised how quickly your fitness comes back. The body remembers more than you think. :o)

Jamie said...

That stinks big time! I'm sorry you are having all these not fun issues. I hope it all gets figured out and I'll cross my fingers for no surgery. Take care of yourself!