Monday, April 13

Two a days!

That's right, two workouts today! yay. Did my Monday morning swim workout. Brutal. I can already feel it in my arms and shoulders. I'm gonna rock those tank tops though this summer. No flab here.

W/U: 200 free (I accidentally did 300); 200 pull...wait for it: 6x75 (25 Rt., 25 Lt., 25 DPS) Yeah the warm up was enough for me

200 :25 RI
300 :20 RI
200 :25 RI
300 :20 RI
200 :00 (no) RI

C/D: 100 easy

The Rt. and Lt. mean swim a length of the pool using only your right arm or left arm. Yes. Keep the other pressed up against your body. I found I had to breathe opposite to keep myself afloat. This killed me. The DPS wasn't too bad kinda fun actually. It stands for "distance per stroke". So the first 25 (mind you there were 6) I counted 28 strokes to get across the length. Then you counted each one after that and tried to get across in a few fewer strokes than it took you the last time. I think my numbers were 28,25,23,21,21,18. I really liked the 18 I felt like I was going slower but I was really just lengthening out. The rest of the actual swim I spent not trying to rip my right arm out of socket. It was seriously sore, so I tried not so swim like a gimp either. Yay swimming.

Tonight after work (short 4hours yay) I did a few miles on the treadmill. Just wanted to get moving again cause I haven't run since Tuesday. I also wanted to use the rollers at the gym to roll on my IT band. I'll definitely be stretching it tomorrow. Speedy two miles and so far my knee doesn't hurt. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Stats (listen to me, stats, I'm so sporty):

Swim: 2550 (I'm pretty sure I did a 400 in there instead of a 300 cause I couldn't count while swimming) /1:07:01/2:37/100yrds

Run: 2.01miles/16:52/8:23AP - I know I said speedy! I think the swimming's really helping the speed thing. That and my intervals and my generally wanting to get this run done tonight.

Happy Monday blog-world.

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X-Country2 said...

Dang, that's hardcore! Great job.