Tuesday, April 28

Thank you guys!

Hey guys. Thanks so much for the encouraging words about my last post.

I'm going back to the Dr today cause of, well, the same problem as last week. Hope I feel better by Sunday! Went home sick after half my shift last night. I feel better this morning but I'm still going to the doctor.

So, if I wasn't running Chicago, I was totally going to do this:

Market to Market Yes, you run from Omaha to Lincoln! This is the 2nd Annual Market To Market Relay presented by Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital. The race is an 84 mile team relay from Omaha to Lincoln. In 2008 the event sold out 3 months in advance and had over 50 teams on a waiting list. This year they decided to change the format on how teams enter the race.

May 5th to May 9th an online lottery will be available at www.m2mrelay.com At this time you will have the opportunity to put your team’s name into a “hat” and then 50 names will be pulled from that hat to compete in the race. The race will have a total of 150 to 170 teams but the rest of the teams in the race will be teams that participated in 2008, won their division or a contest, sponsor the race, or meet the minimum speed requirement for the Citizens Class A Division.
Check out the website for all of the details including course maps, results and pictures from 2008, and much more.

This sounded like so much fun! I had a group of girls from work ready and everything. But I couldn't pass up Chicago. Maybe next year I'll be doing Market to Market. And, of course, they had really cute shirts last year which made me totally jealous I didn't run. So, if nothing else join the lottery for the fashion.

Only kidding.

A little.

Don't worry, I'll update and tell you how I'm feeling before I leave for Lincoln on Saturday.


X-Country2 said...

Sunday is going to go great for you! Seriously, the weather is supposed to be perfect and the whole experience is pretty amazing. I was you 365 days ago with the nerves and excitment and anticipation, and I couldn't have been happier with how it all turned out. :o)

I've thought about Market to Market since I heard so many good things about it. The down side is it makes for a very long day. I'm not doing anything for 12 hours that doesn't involve a beach and some alcohol.

ShutUpandRun said...

Just stopping by. I'm a beginning runner too and just ran my first marathon in January. Welcome to the club.

Jamie said...

hope you feel better by Sunday too!

teacherwoman said...

Good luck with the doctor! Keep us posted!

Mom on the Run said...

Just wanted to wish you luck tomorrow. Just don't forget to enjoy the run :-)