Wednesday, April 1


I'm looking forward to 6miles tomorrow. Maybe if I say that enough it'll be true...

Has anyone run Chicago? I think I have running buddy mostly convinced to leave Lincoln the half and run the full in Chicago. Any advice? Comments? Suggestions?


Tuesday run: 3.02miles/29:06/9:38AP.

Loving the under 10min miles on the treadmill. I feel so accomplished. And speedy, no laughing, please. I'm sensitive and take things way too personally to a fault.

12hr day at work today, no running. Happy Wednesday!

Check out RunToFinish's giveaway. But don't enter and cross your fingers I win! Just kidding.


teacherwoman said...

You are going to rock that 6 miler today!

Mom on the Run said...

Just go run :-) You can do it!

I ran Chicago in 2006 and 2007 (the year of the meltdown). I loved it (even in the heat). It is truly amazing to be able to run in downtown Chicago with that many people. It is well organized and there are seriously very few spots where there aren't people cheering you on.

The downside is that you can't really do it on the cheap. I think the entry fee is closing in on $100 and you'll if you don't have a friend to stay with, you'll need to find someplace - downtown can get expensive.

It is a great place for a first marathon. Plenty to look at so you don't really get bored, you get to see all areas of the city, and there are plenty of people to keep you going.