Thursday, April 2


Lincoln. Half marathon May 3rd.

Chicago (notice the new coutdown clock). October 11th. Full marathon

I don't think you know this world. But I grew up outside of Chicago. I'll be staying with my dad and our pasta dinner will be our own. Dave's Italian Kitchen. So very excited.

I think that it'll be good cause I'll have the whole summer to work up to 20mile long runs and I'll already have a half marathon under my belt. It'll be perfect, I can feel it!


3.2miles/31:00/9:41AP 240ft elevation. Not a great run, not sure how we held a 9:41 pace when we run/walked this one. Oh well. Count it!

Tomorrow is our long run we're going to shoot for 12miles. Then maybe another 12 next week and the it's taper time. I think.


jen said...

Chicago? Wow!!

I think it's definitely a good idea to put the Full off for a few months to continue to build a base and put in some serious miles. How exciting!

Mom on the Run said...

I agree with Jen. Sounds like a good plan.

I may just have to plan to take the South Shore up to watch it and be one of the million or so spectators to cheer you and your running buddy on!

Suzino said...

Any reason to come to Chicago is a good reason if you ask me.

You know i'll be there standing next to your dad probably cracking a few jokes on your behalf but mostly cheering you on!!

X-Country2 said...
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X-Country2 said...

Chicago will be pretty awesome!

Your Lincoln countdown stresses me out every time I see it. Is it really 30 days?! Yikes indeed!

teacherwoman said...

You have things figured out! You alraedy have so many long runs under your belt, training for Chicago should be a breeze and you will have plenty of time!

Borsch said...

You are so ready!

And bring on Chicago! I did my first marathon last fall, if I can give you one piece of advise...don't let 1 bad run ruin your plan. All of those runs over 15 (at least for me) hurt, just do them.

I can't wait to follow you all summer!

Ulyana said...

We'll both be racing on May 3rd!

Ulyana said...

We'll both be racing on May 3rd!