Sunday, April 12

Happy Easter Everybody.

I know that's an old cartoon but I thought it was pretty funny.

So it's been a while. Why? Cause I haven't run since Tuesday. Ick. I know. My left knee hurt Monday a little after my run but after a while of walking around it was better. Tuesday ran 4 more miles and it hurt. A Lot. I couldn't bend my knee without it hurting and going downstairs I was using the handrails like crutches so I didn't have to bend my knee. Not good. Wednesday I went to a running store and my helpful friend Ken said that it sounded like IT band issues. Showed me how to foam roll and roll over a lacrosse ball to workout the band. And I haven't run yet. Running buddy worked yesterday and my hubby and I were busy. And today's Easter, so we're going to be spending time with my in laws this afternoon. Maybe I'll convince my hubby to go to the gym this evening. We'll see. I'm excited for food today. I made my Aunt's famous jello to impress the in laws. Ye-ah. I'm gonna rock that Easter dinner table. Thanks Aunt Leslie!

I'm sad. And embarrassed, cause, I still haven't used Garmie. Gasp. I know! I've tinkered with the settings just need to find some time outside to take it outside for a spin. Tuesday now is our planned 12miles. Then it's taper time. I can't believe it's less than a month...(less than 3weeks?) away? Wow. Can't wait.

Erin's finishing time was amazing for her 1/2, I'm hopping to finish. Secretly hoping for under 2:30, but no...seriously just hoping to finish without walking all of it.

So ... the "marathon" mascara review. Good! I haven't used this kind of curled brush, maybe ever. But I like it. I'm not sure if I should be putting the concave part or the convex part towards my lashes. I do whatever I feel like each morning. The color "brown black" is nice. A good comprmise cause I don't often love the blackest black for every day wear. The mascara doesn't stick to the brush too much so you don't get gobs of it on your lashes, does that make sense? Comes out nice and thin. I was using the M.A.C. Plush lash mascara for the last year. And their brush is weird. I never knew how to apply the product. It was too poofy. I asked my hubby what he thought of the new stuff and he said "I like it cause it looks like you're not even wearing mascara". I think he may have thought I was asking about my eyeshadow but he tried. :D You know what else I like? On the website they describe the Marathon mascara as "a winner". Yay. If I wore makeup while running I'd totally wear this. Well, it is waterproof maybe I should give it a try, maybe it'll be lucky?


melinda said...

LOVE the comic!

teacherwoman said...

love the cartoon! Just makes me chuckle. I hope the knee issue isn't anything too bad! I hope rolling out the ITband helps!

Nicole said...

Good luck with the taper. Take care of the knee.

SweetPea said...

That is one of my favorite comics!

Sorry your knee is bothering you. I hope the rest and foam roller helps.

I think I may need to pick up that mascara too!