Monday, April 6

Does this make me obsessed? The fact that I bought the covergirl mascara cause it had "marathon" as it's name? I hope not. And I hope it's a good mascara cause the name is totally the reason I bought it.

Not much to report. Haven't taken Garmie out cause it was 26degrees and really windy this morning. I may have to wait until Sunday! Gasp. I'm sure it'll be magical, whenever it happens.

Few giveaways:

Amanda from Run to Finish is giving away compression sleeves.

Denise from Running Journal is giving away Mix my Granola. Someday I'll win me some of that!

Happy Monday!

Run: 4.62/45:11/9:47AP - treadmill.


X-Country2 said...

Did you really buy that because it says "marathon"? That's awesome. :o)

Although Cover Girl Lash Blast is pretty excellent mascara.

teacherwoman said...

LOL about the mascara! Too funny!

SJ said...

Hehe :)

Jogger said...

Well...this could be a sign that you're obsessed...but I think we'll all let it slide. =)

I had to take 2 weeks off because I'm an accountant and my life sucks at this time of year. I'm pretty much done now though, so I can get back to my plan. I've been only doing quick strength workouts for the most part, with the occasional 15 minutes of sprints here and there. Hopefully I won't die tonight!

SweetPea said...

You'll have to let us know how it works because I'd totally buy it too :) I also left you a response to your margarita shot blok question on my blog. Have a great Wednesday!

Ulyana said...

I'm so buying that mascara! I don't care how dorky that makes me :)