Saturday, April 25

7 days.

Shoot me.

7 days till the half. One week from now running buddy and I will be in Lincoln. Preparing to run our half MARATHON!

Oh my goodness. These last few months have flown by!

What have I done to prepare lately? Not much!

I'm scared to run cause I don't want to injure my knee. I'm scared cause I haven't run, hardly at all, the last few weeks and all my "fitness" will be gone. I'm scared I'll have to walk this entire half.

I know a lot of people feel this way during training it's just so hard. Especially since I've told all of the gals at work and my whole family that I'm doing this longer distance race, it feels like there's a lot of pressure to have a great race report, you know? I feel utterly unprepared for this 1/2. I'm not sure why I think it's cause of the last two weeks.

Somebody tell me it's going to be fine.

Also, looking a head...I'm running Chicago on October 11th. There's a half in Omaha September 27th. Would that be too close together? Could I do both races? Do you think the 1/2 would fit well into training? The only problem I have is that I think that the Omaha course is hilly. I don't want to shred my legs trying for that 1/2 with Chicago looming in the not-so-distant future.


jawsome said...

It's going to be fine! I think it's completely normal to get 'taper madness' and feel like you've lost all your fitness. But that's what all those many base miles are for. Plus, running injury free and possibly a little slower is way better (in my mind) than over-doing it and severely damaging yourself for future runs. You'll do great!

ECrunnergirl said...

The time has come when you have to start believing in all your training and hard work. Its extremely hard to do....even for seasoned runners. You did the right thing by hanging back in your running when you got injured....boy has that happened to me a ton of times. I totally understand the pressure.....I hyped myself up so much before my last marathon I thought I would explode and I had many many friends cheering me on at work.....the pressure was insane.

You have done the physical work now its time for the mental work. Good luck Kel and hang in there!!! And yep, you will be just fine!!!

teacherwoman said...

Oh hun, you will be fine! I remember when I was training for my first half marathon last year and I had some of the same things running through my mind a week before the race. I told myself that I would just get through the half and never do it again. Do you know what I said to myself as I crossed the finish line? "I am definitely do this race again next year!" That was after 13 miles, with the last 6 miles in excruciating pain from a half dozen blisters on my feet!

In regards to running a half marathon a couple weeks prior to your first marathon... I think that if you feel ready, it would be a great last-longer-run... You have to know your body though!

Jamie said...

You'll do great! You've got to trust your training and believe it's just the taper talking :)

9/27 may be a little late to do a half before chicago. If you take it easy it could work though.

Jogger said...

HEY! We're going to do GREAT next weekend! Don't worry so much. You've been training, and the time off might actually have done you some good. I took 2 weeks off in March/April, and I've only done 2 long runs this month...but it's all going to work out. Just have the ice ready after the race! =)

So if you email me your address, I'll send you Spirit of the Marathon, and you can watch it then just drop it in the mail to go back to Blockbuster Online (it's just like Netflix--comes in postage paid envelope). That'll save you the hassle of having to sign up for a trial membership and crap!

Just go to my website and click on the "contact" tab, then put your address and everything'll send that to my email, and I'll send it to you tomorrow! You'll probably get it just before our 1/'ll TOTALLY motivate you!

M*J*C said...

You will be fine!!! You've come so far, you should be so proud!!! Enjoy EVERY minute of it!!!

jen said...

You are going to do great in the half! It's normal to be worried and nervous, but try to think positive. :)

Is that half two weeks before the marathon? I think that's probably fine as long as you don't race it full out. You could try to run it at marathon pace (at least some of the miles).

Hang in there! :)

The Smith Family said...

You'll do great Kel. I can't even imagine walking 1/2 much less run. I'm just impressed you're attempting it! I'll be thinking good thoughts for ya Saturday!! And awesome about the Chicago marathon. Wow.

X-Country2 said...

You're going to do fine. Great even! I'll be there, so you'll at least have one fan among the crowd.

I ran Omaha last year, and it wasn't THAT hilly. I think it would fit in just fine before Chicago. The race it's super awesome, so keep your expectations low. :o)