Tuesday, April 28

Thank you guys!

Hey guys. Thanks so much for the encouraging words about my last post.

I'm going back to the Dr today cause of, well, the same problem as last week. Hope I feel better by Sunday! Went home sick after half my shift last night. I feel better this morning but I'm still going to the doctor.

So, if I wasn't running Chicago, I was totally going to do this:

Market to Market Yes, you run from Omaha to Lincoln! This is the 2nd Annual Market To Market Relay presented by Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital. The race is an 84 mile team relay from Omaha to Lincoln. In 2008 the event sold out 3 months in advance and had over 50 teams on a waiting list. This year they decided to change the format on how teams enter the race.

May 5th to May 9th an online lottery will be available at www.m2mrelay.com At this time you will have the opportunity to put your team’s name into a “hat” and then 50 names will be pulled from that hat to compete in the race. The race will have a total of 150 to 170 teams but the rest of the teams in the race will be teams that participated in 2008, won their division or a contest, sponsor the race, or meet the minimum speed requirement for the Citizens Class A Division.
Check out the website for all of the details including course maps, results and pictures from 2008, and much more.

This sounded like so much fun! I had a group of girls from work ready and everything. But I couldn't pass up Chicago. Maybe next year I'll be doing Market to Market. And, of course, they had really cute shirts last year which made me totally jealous I didn't run. So, if nothing else join the lottery for the fashion.

Only kidding.

A little.

Don't worry, I'll update and tell you how I'm feeling before I leave for Lincoln on Saturday.

Saturday, April 25

7 days.

Shoot me.

7 days till the half. One week from now running buddy and I will be in Lincoln. Preparing to run our half MARATHON!

Oh my goodness. These last few months have flown by!

What have I done to prepare lately? Not much!

I'm scared to run cause I don't want to injure my knee. I'm scared cause I haven't run, hardly at all, the last few weeks and all my "fitness" will be gone. I'm scared I'll have to walk this entire half.

I know a lot of people feel this way during training it's just so hard. Especially since I've told all of the gals at work and my whole family that I'm doing this longer distance race, it feels like there's a lot of pressure to have a great race report, you know? I feel utterly unprepared for this 1/2. I'm not sure why I think it's cause of the last two weeks.

Somebody tell me it's going to be fine.

Also, looking a head...I'm running Chicago on October 11th. There's a half in Omaha September 27th. Would that be too close together? Could I do both races? Do you think the 1/2 would fit well into training? The only problem I have is that I think that the Omaha course is hilly. I don't want to shred my legs trying for that 1/2 with Chicago looming in the not-so-distant future.

Tuesday, April 21

So far, not good.

Haven't run in a week. My hubby today told me I'd been snapping and looking for a fight the last few days, I blame it on not running. Weird how your life changes in a year! I'm contemplating getting up really early tomorrow and running a few miles on the treadmill (to break in my new kicks sometime before the 1/2) and coming home to do Namaste yoga on my living room floor.

Remember that nice Tuesday I had planned with the 905 Bikram yoga class? Yeah, I came home in tears.

Here's the story. Get up at oh, 8:35 and rush to get my teeth brushed, hair in a headband and out of the air, clothes on and find my mat, and get to the yoga studio by 900. Got there. Got into the 110 degree room, that was a little much.

Background, when it's summer time and I just wake up, I think I have a blood pressure issue. Cause I will generally have to veg on the couch for 15-20minutes before I feel safe enough to get around. I think it's BP, not sure. Well I had rushed, not eaten anything and gone straight to class. Wasn't feeling too great to begin with (the reason I know, TMI, I didn't workout over the weekend was a UTI that was so bad I went to the doctor yesterday and I'm now on a few days of Levaquin)...Thought the yoga would flush toxins out and stretch out my legs (which are feeling better after rolling them every night). We go into the first sequence after breathing which involves a hamstring stretch with your head as far towards your knees as possible. Hang, come up and breathe, right? Nope. Come up and see floaters, legs turn to jelly, and sit before you pass out. That was me. I sipped on some water, caught my breath. Tried to get up again after a few minutes. Saw floaters (that's what I call them. I've passed out a few times in my life and I see black dots start to cloud my vision). The teacher was kind and gave me a lifesaver, I chose mint cause I was starting to feel a little nauseous as well cause I hadn't eaten anything yet and had taken my Levaquin already and that was all I could think about. I know you don't need to eat but meh. I tried to get up a few more times. I really wanted to do this class. I did. I started to feel panicky and walked out of the class at 9:30. My chest was feeling tight and I think I was on the verge of a panic attack. As I've told you all before my mom, at 53, never healthier or happier, felt dizzy once and the second time she died. No warning just "I'm feeling dizzy" and she's gone. So I'm terrified, I tell the teacher this and she says I can get my money back at the desk and be careful and stuff. I walk straight out, don't stop at the desk. I get home and my lovely hubby says "that was quick, how'd it go". And I bawl. I was so scared. Terrified. Also because of the way my mom died. If Brian's in the house and doesn't answer when I call. I get this irrational fear that he's passed out and died and I don't know it. I tear around the house till I find him, just thinking about it makes me want to puke. You understand, I'm sure. But I feel bad for my hubby and my future kids. I'm gonna be so paranoid!

I'm fine now. Made it through the drive home. In fact, immediately felt better when I stepped into the hallway, I just think it was the morning and it was the heat. I'm very glad I stopped when I did. I don't know when I'll go back.

But that's why I'll be attempting Namaste yoga in my living room tomorrow. Maybe more from Polly too. We'll see.

So in other news. My hubby and I made appointments for next Monday at a foot/ankle specialists. My hubby's had plantar fascitis for years, takes Mobic every day. And I, my wonderful hubby pointed out, have a bunion that's not getting any smaller. I think I'll quote him, "Kelly that looks really bad. I don't ever remember it being that bad". Ah, feet. From what I've read you can get surgery to fix it. I hope mine's not that bad. Or, I hope the doc doesn't want me to get surgery before Chicago. It's not painful, I'm sure orthotics will help?

(Hey, Steve posts pictures of his feet!)

Thanks for listening to me.

Friday, April 17

So, no running since the disaster that was Tuesday's run. Oh well. We'll be going to the half with only one 11mile run in. We'll make due.

Went to a conference today and had some time during a break to make myself a little pre 1/2 schedule. So I'm posting it for accountability and for running buddy to check it out and see if she approves.

Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat.

4mi swim yoga 2-3mi work work work

4-6mi swim 6mi work yoga 2-3mi Lincoln

RACE! swim Leave for my sister's graduation in Portland!

Yoga is the 905 One Tree Yoga sessions for 7bucks.

What do you all think? Good? Bad? Awesome?

That's what I thought. Now, if I can only stick with it!

Tuesday, April 14

Had to cut my 12 miles short. By a lot. It's the IT band again. :(

Looks like it's swimming and a few short runs before the race for me. sigh.

3.68miles/46:57 (with walking the last 0.5mile and a few times before that)/12:45AP

Anyone know how to link up Garmin and Buckeyeoutdoors?

Monday, April 13

Two a days!

That's right, two workouts today! yay. Did my Monday morning swim workout. Brutal. I can already feel it in my arms and shoulders. I'm gonna rock those tank tops though this summer. No flab here.

W/U: 200 free (I accidentally did 300); 200 pull...wait for it: 6x75 (25 Rt., 25 Lt., 25 DPS) Yeah the warm up was enough for me

200 :25 RI
300 :20 RI
200 :25 RI
300 :20 RI
200 :00 (no) RI

C/D: 100 easy

The Rt. and Lt. mean swim a length of the pool using only your right arm or left arm. Yes. Keep the other pressed up against your body. I found I had to breathe opposite to keep myself afloat. This killed me. The DPS wasn't too bad kinda fun actually. It stands for "distance per stroke". So the first 25 (mind you there were 6) I counted 28 strokes to get across the length. Then you counted each one after that and tried to get across in a few fewer strokes than it took you the last time. I think my numbers were 28,25,23,21,21,18. I really liked the 18 I felt like I was going slower but I was really just lengthening out. The rest of the actual swim I spent not trying to rip my right arm out of socket. It was seriously sore, so I tried not so swim like a gimp either. Yay swimming.

Tonight after work (short 4hours yay) I did a few miles on the treadmill. Just wanted to get moving again cause I haven't run since Tuesday. I also wanted to use the rollers at the gym to roll on my IT band. I'll definitely be stretching it tomorrow. Speedy two miles and so far my knee doesn't hurt. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Stats (listen to me, stats, I'm so sporty):

Swim: 2550 (I'm pretty sure I did a 400 in there instead of a 300 cause I couldn't count while swimming) /1:07:01/2:37/100yrds

Run: 2.01miles/16:52/8:23AP - I know I said speedy! I think the swimming's really helping the speed thing. That and my intervals and my generally wanting to get this run done tonight.

Happy Monday blog-world.

Sunday, April 12

Happy Easter Everybody.

I know that's an old cartoon but I thought it was pretty funny.

So it's been a while. Why? Cause I haven't run since Tuesday. Ick. I know. My left knee hurt Monday a little after my run but after a while of walking around it was better. Tuesday ran 4 more miles and it hurt. A Lot. I couldn't bend my knee without it hurting and going downstairs I was using the handrails like crutches so I didn't have to bend my knee. Not good. Wednesday I went to a running store and my helpful friend Ken said that it sounded like IT band issues. Showed me how to foam roll and roll over a lacrosse ball to workout the band. And I haven't run yet. Running buddy worked yesterday and my hubby and I were busy. And today's Easter, so we're going to be spending time with my in laws this afternoon. Maybe I'll convince my hubby to go to the gym this evening. We'll see. I'm excited for food today. I made my Aunt's famous jello to impress the in laws. Ye-ah. I'm gonna rock that Easter dinner table. Thanks Aunt Leslie!

I'm sad. And embarrassed, cause, I still haven't used Garmie. Gasp. I know! I've tinkered with the settings just need to find some time outside to take it outside for a spin. Tuesday now is our planned 12miles. Then it's taper time. I can't believe it's less than a month...(less than 3weeks?) away? Wow. Can't wait.

Erin's finishing time was amazing for her 1/2, I'm hopping to finish. Secretly hoping for under 2:30, but no...seriously just hoping to finish without walking all of it.

So ... the "marathon" mascara review. Good! I haven't used this kind of curled brush, maybe ever. But I like it. I'm not sure if I should be putting the concave part or the convex part towards my lashes. I do whatever I feel like each morning. The color "brown black" is nice. A good comprmise cause I don't often love the blackest black for every day wear. The mascara doesn't stick to the brush too much so you don't get gobs of it on your lashes, does that make sense? Comes out nice and thin. I was using the M.A.C. Plush lash mascara for the last year. And their brush is weird. I never knew how to apply the product. It was too poofy. I asked my hubby what he thought of the new stuff and he said "I like it cause it looks like you're not even wearing mascara". I think he may have thought I was asking about my eyeshadow but he tried. :D You know what else I like? On the website they describe the Marathon mascara as "a winner". Yay. If I wore makeup while running I'd totally wear this. Well, it is waterproof maybe I should give it a try, maybe it'll be lucky?

Monday, April 6

Does this make me obsessed? The fact that I bought the covergirl mascara cause it had "marathon" as it's name? I hope not. And I hope it's a good mascara cause the name is totally the reason I bought it.

Not much to report. Haven't taken Garmie out cause it was 26degrees and really windy this morning. I may have to wait until Sunday! Gasp. I'm sure it'll be magical, whenever it happens.

Few giveaways:

Amanda from Run to Finish is giving away compression sleeves.

Denise from Running Journal is giving away Mix my Granola. Someday I'll win me some of that!

Happy Monday!

Run: 4.62/45:11/9:47AP - treadmill.

Friday, April 3


That's right. The last two days I've been obsessed with the garmin. Don't you hate when you (maybe this only happens to me) you get fixated on something. Like the Garmin or the ipod I couldn't live without a few years back. I had to have a garmin. It just seemed so cool, everyone's got one...I am sick of trying to guesstimate my mile splits and what not. And the Garmin has everything. So I hear. So I did it. Called around and looked around town for two days (I know not that long but like I said, I had to have one). I picked up a Garmin Forerunner 405 in green. Expensive yes. Didn't I just get a heartrate monitor for my birthday in January? Yes. I can still use that one in doors when I'm on the treadmill, right? And this Garmin'll help me with my newly found track workouts. No more guessing at pace! I'm so excited. It's all charged up and ready to go. But you may have noticed that the screen looks funny. Well, the buttons are sensitive I can tell. I think in my handling to try and charge it it got set to some Slovakian language. I just got off the phone with a Garmin rep who helped me set my baby to English. Whoo hoo! Now I am very excited about my purchase but a little guilty too. Well very guilty, I could have lived without a Garmin. In fact if I'd waited a day or too the NEED to have one would have passed. But no, I didn't. I'm too impatient. Oh well. I'll use it on all my outdoor runs and my Polar will still be used for all my indoor ones. I'm not a horrible person am I?

Can't wait for our long run on Monday. Today was supposed to be our long run. But it was hotter than normal, we weren't that chatty, and it was the afternoon which we never run in. So we called it quits at 7.5miles.

Run: 7.5miles/1:23:22/11:06AP

Thursday, April 2


Lincoln. Half marathon May 3rd.

Chicago (notice the new coutdown clock). October 11th. Full marathon

I don't think you know this world. But I grew up outside of Chicago. I'll be staying with my dad and our pasta dinner will be our own. Dave's Italian Kitchen. So very excited.

I think that it'll be good cause I'll have the whole summer to work up to 20mile long runs and I'll already have a half marathon under my belt. It'll be perfect, I can feel it!


3.2miles/31:00/9:41AP 240ft elevation. Not a great run, not sure how we held a 9:41 pace when we run/walked this one. Oh well. Count it!

Tomorrow is our long run we're going to shoot for 12miles. Then maybe another 12 next week and the it's taper time. I think.

Wednesday, April 1


I'm looking forward to 6miles tomorrow. Maybe if I say that enough it'll be true...

Has anyone run Chicago? I think I have running buddy mostly convinced to leave Lincoln the half and run the full in Chicago. Any advice? Comments? Suggestions?


Tuesday run: 3.02miles/29:06/9:38AP.

Loving the under 10min miles on the treadmill. I feel so accomplished. And speedy, no laughing, please. I'm sensitive and take things way too personally to a fault.

12hr day at work today, no running. Happy Wednesday!

Check out RunToFinish's giveaway. But don't enter and cross your fingers I win! Just kidding.