Wednesday, March 11


So blogging friends I need your help. What do you think of these? I think I like the last tank the best. And the husbands will most likely wear the funner with a runner shirt. Opinions? Comments? Suggestions?

No running today. I think I'll pack my bag and head over tomorrow after work. Then Sat I think I'll do my long run of 6miles. Still not sore from yesterday. I'll have to try a real studio bike one of these days.

Lucky Tastebuds is giving away granola! Totally adding them to my blogroll as we speak. ps - Jogger thanks for all the tips on the giveaways!

NHerShoes is also giving away GRANOLA! Fingers crossed, I hope I win!


Blyfinn said...

I couldn't see it. It wouldn't load for me.

Borsch said...

It didn't go to a product page for me either.

I hope you win the granola contest!

X-Country2 said...

I can't see the tanks either, but I'm going to say they are super duper cute anyway. :o)