Tuesday, March 3


Remember the time when my husband and I were the worst kitty-parents ever?

My cat does:

My poor baby. That's her frothing and foaming after taking her medicine this morning. :( I hate this and we're not nearly half way through the doses. So sad. But hopefully she should feel a ton better. Stop losing weight, stop being dehydrated, stop the diarrhea. All good things.

So this morning I did an 8:15am core class to work on my abs. I'm so glad it was only a half an hour! It was kinda tough. Although, I was expecting more sit ups and what not and we ended up starting the class throwing a medicine ball and shuffling across the floor. They did not disclaim that you'd need to be able to throw and catch things before the class. My poor running buddy (who talked me into this) had to run and chase our ball a few times. Sorry Tiffany!

Afterwards buddy ran over to the spin class and I swam for about 28min. I did 20laps which was approx: 2:48/100yds. About the norm. I already feel like I got a great workout but another gal from work wants to do three miles with me this afternoon. So I maybe headed for a three-a-day workout? Would that be what you'd call it? Probably not.

Oh! And I didn't win but Jogger has the coolest coupon binder idea. So I purchased all I needed to make my own:

Yay! Off to be all crafty and such. I like my binder cause it has a handle on the side (binding side) so I think I could just grab that and go when I have my hands full of groceries. Now here's a question Jogger, do you take this with you everywhere? Do you just leave it in your car so you don't forget it? Do you mostly take it grocery shopping? How do you know if your stores offer "double coupons"? Just call up and ask?

Found this through Jogger, but One frugal foodie is giving away tons of EB Good's! I've never tried these but I'm excited at the chance to try a ton of them.

Strawberry Shortstuff is giving away Simply bars!

Chocolate Covered Kate is giving away Jocalat bars!

And finally, Lucky Tastebuds is giving away Barney Butter!

EGN is giving away a Danskin tank. Sounds like these giveaways are pretty regular so I've added her to my stalkee list. :)

OH yeah, ps. - I signed up for my first triathalon. It's an indoor tri at my gym. Swim 10min, Bike 30min, Run 20min as fast as you can for the distance you can. Then you're ranked. So no pressure right? Assuming the bike doesn't kill me I think I'll survive.


RunToFinish said...

poor kittie! we are still giving ours antibiotics and it's so not fun!

I may have to make the coupon binder too

Steve Stenzel said...

AWWW.... kitty medicine is the worst to give!

And CONGRATS on signing up for your first tri!! You'll do FINE!! REALLY!!!

(Stop back to my blog Sunday or Monday to see how the 5 tri virgins that are doing the indoor tri with me get through it!)

Take 1 more spin class so you get used to that a little more, and you'll do GREAT!!

Blyfinn said...

awesome news about the tri. good luck. When is it?

X-Country2 said...

Good luck with your tri. If it wasn't $45 for non-members, I'd totally do it. Can't wait to hear all about it.