Wednesday, March 25

Track workout!

First time on a track since maybe freshman year of high school gym class. I was nervous. The workout was this:

W/U: 1mile

2x1/4 (60sec recovery)
5min jog
2x1/4 (60)
5min jog

C/D: 1mile

My splits were these: (approx)
1st 1/4: 1:48
2nd 1/4: DNF (walked at 1:55)
3rd 1/4: (started out slower) 2:00
4th 1/4: 1:55

Felt better at the two minute intervals than the 1:48, I think that was really pushing it. But I'm excited to try more of this. There was a 3rd 1/4mile repeat in there but since it was my first day I decided to take it kinda easy. Met some really nice people, some of the coaches for Team Nebraska. Very cool. Pretty excited about this. Definitely going back in two weeks (I work every other Wed)

Peace out.


Borsch said...

Awesome! Have fun at the track!

teacherwoman said...

Nice track workout! Wahoo!

X-Country2 said...

Look at you all official on the track making chit chat with Team Nebraska coaches! Nice workout.

Blyfinn said...

That is some good company to make with the coaches.

jen said...

Awesome times!!

I absolutely remember that you are coming, I can't wait! Bring your sister along for sure. We can do a nice run along the waterfront. :)