Sunday, March 22


So, you remember a while ago when I posted that we had run 10miles? Well I'm not sure how correct that was cause we didn't follow our map my run to a T. But today. Today we ran 10.9! It's official, I came home and mapped it out! YAY! The first few miles were tough, mentally, looking out over the lake (yes we ran again at Lake Z) and knowing we were really going to do what we ran on Thursday and then some. The next 4-5miles were okay. Talking, one walk break my tummy was starting to act up but never did. This happened again at mile 10, just uncomfortable enough to make me walk a minute or too. Sorry Tiffany! At 1:22 or about 7.5ish miles we stopped at my car and got water and each had a cliff shot in chocolate. Tiffany had been popping jelly sports beans for some of the run but we both really liked the Cliff shot. I think it really did get us through the last few miles. The last mile and a half I really felt good. We picked up our pace and finished strong for the last quarter of a mile. Tiffany did beat me. I really didn't have a sprint left.

But I feel good now. Just had foo foo coffee and a doughnut (hey, who here is really surprised that I a) treated myself after a run and b) that it was a doughnut). Looking to clean the kitchen before I go to work tonight.

Then tomorrow it's my new swim group at 9am at LTF. Here's the description:

Date: Mondays
Time: 9am
Location: LTF Lap Pool

Want some tips and advice on your swimming? Come to the Monday am swim workout! Your endurance lead will provide you with a workout. Come swim with others and meet some triathletes.

Little nervous. Alright, off to clean.

10.9miles/2:02:30/11:14AP - about our norm for outdoors.


teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the run! Wahoo. Have fun with your swim tomorrow. I look forward to reading all about it! :)

X-Country2 said...

Nice run! Good luck tomorrow. There will probably be a wide range of swimmers there. Experts to beginners. I bet you'll do great.

Amy said...

Great job on the 10 milers!!

jen said...

Awesome long run!! I love chocolate gu/clif shots. :) And donuts.