Monday, March 9


Did you know that I'm multi talented. I've got a lot going. So thusly, (that's a word right?) I was too busy to run today. Forget this:

That was not motivating enough. I worked on my quilts all morning. Then, invited my mother in law (MIL) over for dinner tonight cause I'm special. So not only should I be cleaning my house right now but I should also be preparing dinner. Whoops. I'd like to share a few things with you all. First, cutest m&ms. ever.

Told you.

Next, my longest friend Susan who just happened to restart her blogging today, suggested a dessert for tonight.

This is my attempt (in photos):

I'll let you all know how it turns out. I know, you can be jealous.

ps, thusly is probably not a word cause spell check didn't think so either. oh well I'm cool like that.

pps- I think I'm going to have to add in photos one by one if I want them in order. It was supposed to be all artsy with the logo of the m and m bag and it was supposed to be ingredients first then finished product. My blog has recently been putting the photos in this just jargon, not the actual picture I can see. Does that make any sense? That was probably too behind the scenes for you. Sorry.


Suzino said...

According to the dictionary "thusly" is a word!

teacherwoman said...

Those M&M's look yummy!

Running Mommy said...

I make that dessert all the time!

Blyfinn said...

I want some M&M's. Darn lent.

X-Country2 said...

I don't need artsy photos to know that peaches+cake+butter=YUM!

X-Country2 said...

RE: my shoe shopping adventure, I went to Peak Performance on 78th and Cass. (I believe it's the only place in town that carries Pearl Izumi running shoes.) The guys there were not at all helpful. Boo.