Monday, March 2

running buddies reunite

Quick three mile run. Listen to me, "quick" 3miles! Increased speed by 10sec/mile up until the last mile. And since I hope to bore you all to death, let's break it down, shall we?

Mile 0-0.5: 5.7 (boring)
Mile 0.5-1: 6.0 (10min/mile)
Mile 1-1.5: 6.1 (9:49/mile)
Mile 1.5-2.0: 6.2 (9:40/mile)
Mile 2.0-2.5: 6.5 (9:31/mile)
Mile 2.5-2.75: 7.0 (somewhere around 8:34 - maybe)
Mile 2.75-2.9: 7.5 (8min/mile, maybe)
Last 0.1: 8.0 (7:30/mile!!!!)

My running buddy looked at me when I was done and said "what's up with you going so fast?" (cause we kind of race each other, don't deny it Tiffany, you do speed up and so do I. no one wants to be the slower buddy). Well it was only 0.1miles. And if it weren't for the sour stomach from eating a Lamar's glazed before the run, I think I could have held it. Honestly. Maybe it was the fact that I was only running that fast for the last half mile or so, that I knew I would be done soon. But I wasn't even breathing that hard or really that tired. I felt like I was on autopilot the last quarter mile. My legs and arms were just going. I wonder if I would have been able to keep it up outside? I guess so cause my 1mile race in Sept I ran a 7:27, right? I can't wait for my first 5k this year, I hope I can smash my 30:00 goal!

Another good start to the week I think. Tiffany may talk me into this core class tomorrow, I'm kind of dreading it. Cause I've done one before and I was so for a week, well maybe not a week, but a while. And I have to work 12 on Wed and I'll just wine about it, okay? I think if she talks me into it I'll do core and then swim while she spins. We'll see.


jen said...

Nice run!! I'd say you could definitely blow away your 30:00 goal! :) Great job.

Running Mommy said...

You have to do the core class with me! Let me know, I will save you a spot-the class fills up quick!

Blyfinn said...

Awesome! I'm so jealous. I want to be able to run.

melinda said...

hello speedy! you are going to smash your 30 min goal. good job!

Amy S. said...

My running buddy and I do that sometimes too! It's kinda fun to race a little at the end...keeps things interesting ;)