Sunday, March 15

Merging the running buddies.

I ran today with Tiffany, my running buddy. We brought in another girl from work who I'll refer to as my older running buddy cause we had one run a while ago and that was about it. Then I found Tiffany and the rest is history. So. Tiffany and Molly had never met. But Molly's been doing a similar training plan for our race and plans to run the half as well. We met up for a 6miler I'd mapped out the night before. It went well. We had a few walk breaks which is no biggie. Everyone got along well and we brought Polly (one of the saint Bernard's) so there were some bathroom breaks on her part. I did a foolish thing though, I think. I sprinted towards the end. It was too tempting and the last bit was all down hill. But I sprinted and stopped my watch and waited for the other two, they were quite upset I'd "showed off". Oh well I thought it was fun. Then, I went to stretch my right quad, pulled my right ankle up towards my bottom and bam. My hamstring cramped up SO bad I thought I'd snapped it. It felt like it had curled up. I think my problem was it was 37degrees and I hadn't brought any water, so, I think I got more dehydrated than I think I did. Cause you know when it's cold and you don't really know you're sweating? You don't really think much about it. That hamstring though. I had to come home and do a few moves from Yoga for Runners (new fave, thank you Polly!) after my shower. It's still a little tender when I move a certain way. Just a little bit. I think it's from dehydration cause I've had a headache from about 5pm on. :/ Not fun.

Good run till the sprint at the end.

6.01miles/1:08:18/11:21 AP

Looking forward to a speedy treadmill workout tomorrow.

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joyRuN said...

Ouch. Good luck with that hamstring!