Tuesday, March 10

I tri'd.

Ha. Okay that was lame. But I went to the gym tonight and did 30min on the bike and 20min run. To simulate my triathlon experience. I did 8.9miles on the bike and 2.06miles on the tm. The bike was okay. I took a bike at the front of the gym that had a tv connected to it cause I was planning on watching biggest loser. But no, no NBC on that bike :( So I watched most of The Mentalist. Pretty good, the time flew by while watching TV. I did it at the lowest level cause after 20seconds at level 10 (out of 25) I was burning. Throughout the bike my quad right before my knee cap was sore and after the first 20min the side of my butt were sore. So I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow. It was one of those bikes where you sit like in a chair so it seems like more of those push/paddle boats you saw at the zoo as a kid than the bike that'll be in the tri. But it's a start. The run was so so. I felt like I was really really stiff after the bike. So I'm running a bath and relaxing before my yoga for runners. Yay for a good workout. I wish I'd done this sooner today I'm all pumped up and loosened up.


teacherwoman said...

Nice work, chica! Way to go!

X-Country2 said...

Great workout! Once I'm done with one thing, I generally can't make myself do something else.

melinda said...

Good job! Also, thanks for that yoga link! I am going to try it tonight, my hamstrings are super tight. Sometimes I do a yoga for runners from yogadownload.com and its about 20 minutes, if you are interested.