Tuesday, March 10

From Jogger....what else, giveaways.

First off, feel better Jogger! Lots of healthy thoughts your way.

Missy Maintains is giving away a selection of Erin's Bakers yummies!

Runner's Lounge is giving away socks. I love socks.

Sorry had to copy this. Couldn't figure out the first one though. OH well.

Some how in my searching I found this which I think is perfect! Let's just say, I can't touch my toes. It's sad. So tight hamstrings is me to a T. So excited to try this after my run today. See, I said it which means I have to run!

Ok off to pack my gym bag, enough procrastinating. I even have new savage love to listen too. Okay. I'm off.


polly said...

oh my goodness, Hi Kelly!! So happy you found my yoga video for runners! Have fun and if you have ANY questions... email me! XOXO

Suzino said...

I'm not sore from yesterday. But i will be tomorrow. I did a new one and the man is evil...effective...but evil.

Glad to see you made it to the gym!

Blyfinn said...

good luck with the yoga. I have yet to try it.

Missy said...

Thanks for the shout out! Cute blog!