Friday, March 20

Friday morning.

So I'm going to sound very sporty, but I iced my achilles last night. That's right, I iced! My achilles bothered me during our run yesterday and every time I'd step it would hurt, it doesn't hurt when I'm stationary it's when I walk. So today I took it easy and swam. I again, almost jumped into a master's swim class. Whoops. In fact, I was in between some swimmers who were finishing up speed work from the class. It looked like, according to their board, they were doing 6x75 with 25 easy 25 strong build 25 CI I think, whatever CI means. So I did 25 easy, 25 harder, 25 easy. That was fun. Then I tried to push myself and swim for 10minutes straight at a faster than normal pace. I made it about 3minutes. Maybe it was the mock speed work I had just done or the 7.5 I did yesterday but I took a breather. Turned out I was next to the race coordinator for the indoor tri so I introduced myself when she stopped next to me. I asked her if the bike was going to be hard cause that's the event I'm most worried about. She said no, but it wouldn't be set at a descent cause they don't want people blowing knees left and right. Which makes sense. She was really really nice. Invited me to come on Monday morning at 9am where she doesn't coach cause she doesn't get paid, but people come and swim together and apparently you always learn a lot. So I'm trying it. I am. And I'm kind of excited. She's also in charge of group runs for the gym so every other Saturday I may join them for their Lake Z run. Also, she does track workouts every Wed. Yay. After reading Jen's post about her track workout, I've kinda wanted to try it. Swim "class" will be first though.

Swim: 1000yrds / 25:04 / 2:30/100yrds

I think I'm going to shoot for 8-8.5laps during my 10minutes of swimming during the tri. That'll put me at 2:30-2:21/100yards. I think I can do that come race day. I'm hoping they let me put a smiley face on my calf!

update - it's tonight, and I didn't run with Tiffany. AND my achilles feels much much better already. Yay.


Blyfinn said...

I so hope you are not developing what I have. It sucks big time. Today marks the third week of not being able to run.

jen said...

Sorry about the achilles... I hope it heals itself soon!

So cool that you met the RD for the Indoor tri! Those group workouts sound awesome. :)

X-Country2 said...

Great workout! I really want to find a place to swim.

Have you read Steve's indoor tri race report? You might pick up a helpful tip.

Denise said...

Great workout. I'm glad the icing helped!

Anonymous said...

Hope your tendon is feeling better.