Friday, March 6

Friday evening workout alone.

Boy I'm sad. Nice Friday night, but what else when the hubby's working right? Gotta keep up this training thing. I did a speedier 4miles: 4.06mi/39:50/9:49AP. Yep, first two miles at 10:00 second two at 9:40. It ain't no thing. I must have been craving dairy cause I'm currently consuming my carnation instant breakfast with chocolate milk and two smoked string cheeses. Delish.

So I was going to go online and make up those new shirts for me and my running buddy and since I posted the link on my page their web page has been down. :( Grr. Guess they don't want my business. Oh well.

Went and saw Watchmen with the hubby this morning. A little violent (the director or producer or somebody also did Sin City) so I was expecting that. I wish I'd read the book before seeing the movie, oh well I think I'll still read it.

That's about all I've got. Working this weekend so I may try for a run on Sunday we'll see how I feel after Saturday's 12. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Okay I was going through some older photos on my computer just now and decided to change my blog a little. I added some pictures at the right of some of my favorite recent times. The first is hubby and I on a boat tour in England it was cold, windy, rocky, and a total blast. This was the first of many goofy self portrait type pictures my hubby got sick of during the trip. That and making him take my picture eating all sorts of things. The next one at the bottom is my and my soon to be hubby when we checked out or wedding venue for the first time, two days before the wedding. Ah so wonderful. And I leave you with this: I had it framed and put on my husband's dresser. Ladies, if you've gotten married you know how the photographer has you do these ridiculous poses? This one she had said something like "Okay now turn your head very slowly towards me and start bringing your hand up to the veil..." and all the while she's snapping picture after picture. This one was pretty decent I thought. I love the veil. It's my mom's family veil and it was bought by her parents on their 25th wedding anniversary in Italy. My mom and all her sister's wore it. It was the only thing she had wanted for my wedding and I'm so glad I chose to wear it. I'm the first of this generation of women to wear it. And I'm pretty honored. Just wish my mom coulda been there, you know? Okay enough blabbing.

Kelly OUT!


X-Country2 said...

Cute pics! I love looking at my wedding pics. They make me so happy. :o)

jen said...

I love the new photos! The one of you in the window in your wedding gown and veil is gorgeous. It looks pretty candid even though it's posed! You look beautiful. :)

joyRuN said...

Beautiful pic, girl!

RunToFinish said...

The right side pics are so cute!! and of course you look beautiful in that wedding photo.

way to go on getting in the run...I like low key fridays, but that's me!

Ulyana said...

that's such a beautiful wedding photo!