Monday, March 30

Another monday morning swim.

W/U : 2x (150swim, 75 kick, 75 build) - 20:47

100 timed: 2:17

1st 4x100 (T1 +25 SI - goal 2:42) - 10:20, 100 easy - 3:30
2nd 4x100 (T1 + 20 SI - goal 2:37) - 10:11, 100 easy - 2:52
3rd 4x100 (T1 + 15 SI - goal 2:32) - 10:04

C/D : 200 easy - 9:03 (really, really easy)

So there are my times. This interval thing was hard. You take your timed 100 and add 25, 20, or 15 seconds to it. That is your interval and your rest. So the last two sets at the third interval (cause I was tired) I had time to stand look at my watch and say "well it's time for another one". I usually spent the first 50-75 trying to figure out what time I was looking to get the 100 done in. That took a lot of mental math. Grr. But I had a great time. The "A" group did 6x100s, glad it's my second time so I'm still putting myself into the "B" group. Overall it looked like this: (I just buckeyed this one out)

1st: 2:35/100; 2nd: 2:32/100; 3rd: 2:31/100. Not too shabby, got my goals. But it was challenging. I liked having goals to reach. Is it bad that I wanted to be faster so I got more of a rest in between each set? I was having a hard time with my watch. Just a regular Target special, Timex ironman. How do you time your intervals in the pool? Do you use the lap feature? Cause that just confuses me, why does your time keep going, and how do you look back to see your splits? I use the "chrono" setting and just stopped it while I was resting and restarted again. These times I guess are estimates cause I had nothing to write them down on, the times are just from memory. But I'm pretty sure they're pretty accurate. I couldn't remember all my splits I do remember the last third set being tough and really gutting it out the 4th to make my time.

Product review. Yesterday after the tri, they had Larabar to sample. Today I had the cherry pie variety. It was tart, like a sour cherry. The texture was decent. Not chalky like some of the power bars, and not too chewy. It felt really natural, I feel like th power bars are just compressed cement, you know? Anyways, I liked it but I may not get this flavor again cause as you all should know, if it doesn't have chocolate it's not up my alley. Wonder if Larabars have a chocolate flavor? Time to do some online investigatin'.

See ya.

Results for Indoor Tri:

78. K. Hennen 102 17 (55) 9 (1) 2.21 (46) (out of 104 total participants - 30/50 for Women - not too shabby). Notice I only scored 1 point for the bike. YIKES! I think I was the slowest! - Ever!


teacherwoman said...

Great swim! I am so anxious to get back into the pool on a regular basis. I think I have been in the water once every 5-7 days this month. grrr.

X-Country2 said...

That's a heck of a pool workout! I prefer Cliff Bars to Larabars, but hopefully you find a flavor you love.

Bootchez said...

I'm not much of a swimmer (intervals? does that mean I take breaks at intervals? huh?), nor have I timed myself in quite a while, but I have the same watch, and seem to remember having it set up using the lap feature. You can set the screen to display either the entire time OR the split in large numbers, then the other time/split in smaller numbers at the top. I think I'd have the split large, then the overall time on top, and hit the lap button whenever appropriate. I remember that I eventually would stop paying any attention to the numbers and only pay attention to how many laps I had done. Hopefully, this training season I will pay more attention to time as well!

Denise said...

So out of my league!! Great job!!

Suzino said...

I forgot what the brand was other than the fact that it was Lifetime but it was chocolate coconut. It was good.

Ulyana said...

Good job on the triathlon!!!! Excellent work!