Monday, March 30

Another monday morning swim.

W/U : 2x (150swim, 75 kick, 75 build) - 20:47

100 timed: 2:17

1st 4x100 (T1 +25 SI - goal 2:42) - 10:20, 100 easy - 3:30
2nd 4x100 (T1 + 20 SI - goal 2:37) - 10:11, 100 easy - 2:52
3rd 4x100 (T1 + 15 SI - goal 2:32) - 10:04

C/D : 200 easy - 9:03 (really, really easy)

So there are my times. This interval thing was hard. You take your timed 100 and add 25, 20, or 15 seconds to it. That is your interval and your rest. So the last two sets at the third interval (cause I was tired) I had time to stand look at my watch and say "well it's time for another one". I usually spent the first 50-75 trying to figure out what time I was looking to get the 100 done in. That took a lot of mental math. Grr. But I had a great time. The "A" group did 6x100s, glad it's my second time so I'm still putting myself into the "B" group. Overall it looked like this: (I just buckeyed this one out)

1st: 2:35/100; 2nd: 2:32/100; 3rd: 2:31/100. Not too shabby, got my goals. But it was challenging. I liked having goals to reach. Is it bad that I wanted to be faster so I got more of a rest in between each set? I was having a hard time with my watch. Just a regular Target special, Timex ironman. How do you time your intervals in the pool? Do you use the lap feature? Cause that just confuses me, why does your time keep going, and how do you look back to see your splits? I use the "chrono" setting and just stopped it while I was resting and restarted again. These times I guess are estimates cause I had nothing to write them down on, the times are just from memory. But I'm pretty sure they're pretty accurate. I couldn't remember all my splits I do remember the last third set being tough and really gutting it out the 4th to make my time.

Product review. Yesterday after the tri, they had Larabar to sample. Today I had the cherry pie variety. It was tart, like a sour cherry. The texture was decent. Not chalky like some of the power bars, and not too chewy. It felt really natural, I feel like th power bars are just compressed cement, you know? Anyways, I liked it but I may not get this flavor again cause as you all should know, if it doesn't have chocolate it's not up my alley. Wonder if Larabars have a chocolate flavor? Time to do some online investigatin'.

See ya.

Results for Indoor Tri:

78. K. Hennen 102 17 (55) 9 (1) 2.21 (46) (out of 104 total participants - 30/50 for Women - not too shabby). Notice I only scored 1 point for the bike. YIKES! I think I was the slowest! - Ever!

Sunday, March 29

I'm a triathlete!

Swim: 425yds (17 lengths)/10min/2:21/100yards - yay
Bike: 9.0miles/30min/3:20/mileAP - almost killed me, I think my seat was set too low
Run: 2.21miles/20min/9:03AP - SO CLOSE! Decided to walk for 15-20 seconds at 13minutes to take a drink. If it weren't for that I'd like to think I could have had my 2.25

I'm pretty pumped about this. I'm wearing my "triathlete" shirt right now and plan on wearing it all day. I can't wait to see how I did compared to everyone else!

The swim was fun, I even pulled in front of my lane partner after 3 lengths which really made me feel good. And judging from my AP, it's a tad faster than I normally swim.

Bike almost killed me. I couldn't stretch out my legs like I'd wanted to, I think my seat was too low. From the first 30 seconds my quads were on fire. This gal came over and said I was doing great. I'm sure she felt sorry for me cause I was the slowest biker there. They had the wave before us in front of our bikes and they were pounding it home when we started out. Made me feel even slower. The gal said "Save it for the run, you're doing great. I do 1/2 ironmans I know, the key is not to burn yourself out on the bike. Keep it up". That really made me feel good. I even made my bike goal plus a mile so for me it was a good ride. But, I'm sure I hobbled all the way to the treadmills for the run.

Run - started at 6.3 increased every 5min or mile marker which ever came first. Like I said before I walked a bit to drink and I think if it weren't for that I would have had my goal. But I really had a great time! Can't wait to do it again next year! Thanks LTF!

Wednesday, March 25

Track workout!

First time on a track since maybe freshman year of high school gym class. I was nervous. The workout was this:

W/U: 1mile

2x1/4 (60sec recovery)
5min jog
2x1/4 (60)
5min jog

C/D: 1mile

My splits were these: (approx)
1st 1/4: 1:48
2nd 1/4: DNF (walked at 1:55)
3rd 1/4: (started out slower) 2:00
4th 1/4: 1:55

Felt better at the two minute intervals than the 1:48, I think that was really pushing it. But I'm excited to try more of this. There was a 3rd 1/4mile repeat in there but since it was my first day I decided to take it kinda easy. Met some really nice people, some of the coaches for Team Nebraska. Very cool. Pretty excited about this. Definitely going back in two weeks (I work every other Wed)

Peace out.

Tuesday, March 24


Run to Finish is giving away cereal. Mmmm.

The hungry yogini is giving away Barney Butter. I want to win barney butter so bad. It sounds delicious!

Today's workout:

Bike 7.66miles/30min

and gearing up for my tri, immediately followed by:

Run 2.17miles/20min/9:12min/mile

I know I'm not supposed to set goals, but I think this weekend I'm hoping for the following:

1)swim: 8-10laps
2)bike: don't die. Just kidding, maybe between 7-8miles but that's just a guess
3)run: 2.25miles. This is where I want to kill it. That would be an 8:53 pace but I think I could do it! Maybe.

Monday, March 23

I survived!

Here's the breakdown: (I looked at this board enough times to memorize what we did)

W/U: x2[100 free, 100 kick, 100 pull] 300 build

2x 100(15sec rest)
4x50 (20)
50 (30)

C/D: 300 easy (mix)


+400yds to warm up on my own =

2600yds/1:10:15/2:42/100yds (1.625 miles!!!)

Very fun, small gathering. Just at your own pace. I'm definately going back next week.

Sunday, March 22


So, you remember a while ago when I posted that we had run 10miles? Well I'm not sure how correct that was cause we didn't follow our map my run to a T. But today. Today we ran 10.9! It's official, I came home and mapped it out! YAY! The first few miles were tough, mentally, looking out over the lake (yes we ran again at Lake Z) and knowing we were really going to do what we ran on Thursday and then some. The next 4-5miles were okay. Talking, one walk break my tummy was starting to act up but never did. This happened again at mile 10, just uncomfortable enough to make me walk a minute or too. Sorry Tiffany! At 1:22 or about 7.5ish miles we stopped at my car and got water and each had a cliff shot in chocolate. Tiffany had been popping jelly sports beans for some of the run but we both really liked the Cliff shot. I think it really did get us through the last few miles. The last mile and a half I really felt good. We picked up our pace and finished strong for the last quarter of a mile. Tiffany did beat me. I really didn't have a sprint left.

But I feel good now. Just had foo foo coffee and a doughnut (hey, who here is really surprised that I a) treated myself after a run and b) that it was a doughnut). Looking to clean the kitchen before I go to work tonight.

Then tomorrow it's my new swim group at 9am at LTF. Here's the description:

Date: Mondays
Time: 9am
Location: LTF Lap Pool

Want some tips and advice on your swimming? Come to the Monday am swim workout! Your endurance lead will provide you with a workout. Come swim with others and meet some triathletes.

Little nervous. Alright, off to clean.

10.9miles/2:02:30/11:14AP - about our norm for outdoors.

Friday, March 20

Friday morning.

So I'm going to sound very sporty, but I iced my achilles last night. That's right, I iced! My achilles bothered me during our run yesterday and every time I'd step it would hurt, it doesn't hurt when I'm stationary it's when I walk. So today I took it easy and swam. I again, almost jumped into a master's swim class. Whoops. In fact, I was in between some swimmers who were finishing up speed work from the class. It looked like, according to their board, they were doing 6x75 with 25 easy 25 strong build 25 CI I think, whatever CI means. So I did 25 easy, 25 harder, 25 easy. That was fun. Then I tried to push myself and swim for 10minutes straight at a faster than normal pace. I made it about 3minutes. Maybe it was the mock speed work I had just done or the 7.5 I did yesterday but I took a breather. Turned out I was next to the race coordinator for the indoor tri so I introduced myself when she stopped next to me. I asked her if the bike was going to be hard cause that's the event I'm most worried about. She said no, but it wouldn't be set at a descent cause they don't want people blowing knees left and right. Which makes sense. She was really really nice. Invited me to come on Monday morning at 9am where she doesn't coach cause she doesn't get paid, but people come and swim together and apparently you always learn a lot. So I'm trying it. I am. And I'm kind of excited. She's also in charge of group runs for the gym so every other Saturday I may join them for their Lake Z run. Also, she does track workouts every Wed. Yay. After reading Jen's post about her track workout, I've kinda wanted to try it. Swim "class" will be first though.

Swim: 1000yrds / 25:04 / 2:30/100yrds

I think I'm going to shoot for 8-8.5laps during my 10minutes of swimming during the tri. That'll put me at 2:30-2:21/100yards. I think I can do that come race day. I'm hoping they let me put a smiley face on my calf!

update - it's tonight, and I didn't run with Tiffany. AND my achilles feels much much better already. Yay.

Thursday, March 19

Good solid run.

Did the loop around Lake Z. this morning with just Tiffany. But by did the loop I mean the WHOLE thing! Never have I (we) done that before! It was about 7.5miles the middle three of which seemed to drag on. And the last mile and a half seemed to take forever. You know when you're running around a lake and you can see your car from the other side and you're like, "Why can't baby Jesus just help me out a little so I can run across the water to my car?". Is that too much to ask when I'm tired of running already? I kept my heart rate in my zone for the first um, 3-4miles or so. But I didn't feel like we picked up our pace at all and suddenly I couldn't keep it under 170 something. What is that? Is that cause I've been running for 3-4miles and my heart's just tired? I tried walking and as soon as we started up again it was right back up there. Of course by walking I mean we took 10-20 seconds to stretch or walk up or down a steep part. Thank you Tiffany and your sore hips and your untied shoes and me for my just wanting to walk...Ah good times. Our run was good. Our first mile pace was 9:45 which just a few days ago I'd done in 9:09 so I'm not sure how accurate our mile one marker is cause that seems too fast for outside. Over all the run looked like this


Nice slower, although didn't feel too slow run. I pre run had a piece of toast with peanut butter, and didn't tell Tiffany until now, sprinkled a few mini chocolate chips on there. Mmmm. Delish. After the run I went straight to the computer and inputted the data to Buckeye and showered. Then had my chocolate milk and carnation instant breakfast. Did I tell you that Mon and Tues I had been making smoothies? I guess I should call them shakes but they did include fruit so they were healthier than shakes. I was putting 3-4scoops carnation instant breakfast in rich milk chocolate, chocolate milk, two heaping scoops of peanut butter, one whole banana, 3-4 ice cubes into my blender. Hey, it's not green but it's a start. So I didn't have the banana and didn't feel like cleaning the blender again so I stuck to the plain old chocolate milk and instant breakfast. Still good. And, since we have no chitlin's I just napped for a good hour and a half on the couch while hubby watched basketball and ate lunch and played video games. I can't believe I slept through all that.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday.

Tuesday, March 17

Two workouts today.

Did a 45min spinning class this morning to prepare for my triathlon. Let's just say this was my first spinning class in well over a year and when the instructor said "Turn it a full turn" (meaning the resistance) there may have been one or all times when I turned it a quarter or a half turn. Meh, it was my first class in a long long time. So I was proud of finishing it. I'm hoping to do this same class next week and then call it good for the tri.

This afternoon I went for what was supposed to be a 5mile run with a few girls from work, not my usual running buddy. Tiffany didn't want to run cause she had done the spin class with me which I'm sure I'll be kicking myself for this afternoon's run tomorrow when my legs are heavier than blank. But oh well. So I ran with a few girls from work who are planning on doing a half around the same time Tiffany and I are. We set off around the same lake we did our 6miler on Sunday. The run ended up being about 4.8 instead of 5 oh well. I was dragging by the third mile for sure! Walked during the 3rd and 4th mile due to stomach upset but overall ran a pretty good pace I thought. Although we did start out way too fast. I clocked our first mile at 9:09. Yeah. That's what I thought. "WTF?!". So we slowed way down in the next few miles. But we all had a good chat and had a good time. Looking forward to more good weather and outdoor runs.

Spin: 50:42
Run: 4.78/50:31/10:34AP

Yay for two workouts though.

Monday, March 16

Interval Monday.

Intervals with Tiffany this morning. Did 6x1min speedy and 1min (at 6.0, no walking!) recovery. I think I've decided to not look back. Just go for 6.0 as my slow speed and not go back to that 5.7 5.5 waffling I was doing earlier this year. And tada, I'm officially faster. Wow. Check out my pace! I'm totally going to shoot for a sub 29 5K PR this year. 29 in 2009, oh yeah!


Still trying to decide between half and full. I had my heart set on the 1/2 just a good intro, but Tiffany seems to think we can do the full even if we do walk the last half at least we'll have finished. Still deciding if I believe her.

Missy Maintains is now giving away granola I'm bound to win some granola sooner or later right?

Sunday, March 15

Merging the running buddies.

I ran today with Tiffany, my running buddy. We brought in another girl from work who I'll refer to as my older running buddy cause we had one run a while ago and that was about it. Then I found Tiffany and the rest is history. So. Tiffany and Molly had never met. But Molly's been doing a similar training plan for our race and plans to run the half as well. We met up for a 6miler I'd mapped out the night before. It went well. We had a few walk breaks which is no biggie. Everyone got along well and we brought Polly (one of the saint Bernard's) so there were some bathroom breaks on her part. I did a foolish thing though, I think. I sprinted towards the end. It was too tempting and the last bit was all down hill. But I sprinted and stopped my watch and waited for the other two, they were quite upset I'd "showed off". Oh well I thought it was fun. Then, I went to stretch my right quad, pulled my right ankle up towards my bottom and bam. My hamstring cramped up SO bad I thought I'd snapped it. It felt like it had curled up. I think my problem was it was 37degrees and I hadn't brought any water, so, I think I got more dehydrated than I think I did. Cause you know when it's cold and you don't really know you're sweating? You don't really think much about it. That hamstring though. I had to come home and do a few moves from Yoga for Runners (new fave, thank you Polly!) after my shower. It's still a little tender when I move a certain way. Just a little bit. I think it's from dehydration cause I've had a headache from about 5pm on. :/ Not fun.

Good run till the sprint at the end.

6.01miles/1:08:18/11:21 AP

Looking forward to a speedy treadmill workout tomorrow.

Saturday, March 14

Note to self: Never believe your husband when he says "yeah, we'll get up early and go to the gym". I should know by now! No workout today. But planning for a 6miler with some friends tomorrow, should be fun.

Wednesday, March 11


So blogging friends I need your help. What do you think of these? I think I like the last tank the best. And the husbands will most likely wear the funner with a runner shirt. Opinions? Comments? Suggestions?

No running today. I think I'll pack my bag and head over tomorrow after work. Then Sat I think I'll do my long run of 6miles. Still not sore from yesterday. I'll have to try a real studio bike one of these days.

Lucky Tastebuds is giving away granola! Totally adding them to my blogroll as we speak. ps - Jogger thanks for all the tips on the giveaways!

NHerShoes is also giving away GRANOLA! Fingers crossed, I hope I win!

Tuesday, March 10

I tri'd.

Ha. Okay that was lame. But I went to the gym tonight and did 30min on the bike and 20min run. To simulate my triathlon experience. I did 8.9miles on the bike and 2.06miles on the tm. The bike was okay. I took a bike at the front of the gym that had a tv connected to it cause I was planning on watching biggest loser. But no, no NBC on that bike :( So I watched most of The Mentalist. Pretty good, the time flew by while watching TV. I did it at the lowest level cause after 20seconds at level 10 (out of 25) I was burning. Throughout the bike my quad right before my knee cap was sore and after the first 20min the side of my butt were sore. So I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow. It was one of those bikes where you sit like in a chair so it seems like more of those push/paddle boats you saw at the zoo as a kid than the bike that'll be in the tri. But it's a start. The run was so so. I felt like I was really really stiff after the bike. So I'm running a bath and relaxing before my yoga for runners. Yay for a good workout. I wish I'd done this sooner today I'm all pumped up and loosened up.

From Jogger....what else, giveaways.

First off, feel better Jogger! Lots of healthy thoughts your way.

Missy Maintains is giving away a selection of Erin's Bakers yummies!

Runner's Lounge is giving away socks. I love socks.

Sorry had to copy this. Couldn't figure out the first one though. OH well.

Some how in my searching I found this which I think is perfect! Let's just say, I can't touch my toes. It's sad. So tight hamstrings is me to a T. So excited to try this after my run today. See, I said it which means I have to run!

Ok off to pack my gym bag, enough procrastinating. I even have new savage love to listen too. Okay. I'm off.

Monday, March 9


Did you know that I'm multi talented. I've got a lot going. So thusly, (that's a word right?) I was too busy to run today. Forget this:

That was not motivating enough. I worked on my quilts all morning. Then, invited my mother in law (MIL) over for dinner tonight cause I'm special. So not only should I be cleaning my house right now but I should also be preparing dinner. Whoops. I'd like to share a few things with you all. First, cutest m&ms. ever.

Told you.

Next, my longest friend Susan who just happened to restart her blogging today, suggested a dessert for tonight.

This is my attempt (in photos):

I'll let you all know how it turns out. I know, you can be jealous.

ps, thusly is probably not a word cause spell check didn't think so either. oh well I'm cool like that.

pps- I think I'm going to have to add in photos one by one if I want them in order. It was supposed to be all artsy with the logo of the m and m bag and it was supposed to be ingredients first then finished product. My blog has recently been putting the photos in this just jargon, not the actual picture I can see. Does that make any sense? That was probably too behind the scenes for you. Sorry.

Friday, March 6

Friday evening workout alone.

Boy I'm sad. Nice Friday night, but what else when the hubby's working right? Gotta keep up this training thing. I did a speedier 4miles: 4.06mi/39:50/9:49AP. Yep, first two miles at 10:00 second two at 9:40. It ain't no thing. I must have been craving dairy cause I'm currently consuming my carnation instant breakfast with chocolate milk and two smoked string cheeses. Delish.

So I was going to go online and make up those new shirts for me and my running buddy and since I posted the link on my page their web page has been down. :( Grr. Guess they don't want my business. Oh well.

Went and saw Watchmen with the hubby this morning. A little violent (the director or producer or somebody also did Sin City) so I was expecting that. I wish I'd read the book before seeing the movie, oh well I think I'll still read it.

That's about all I've got. Working this weekend so I may try for a run on Sunday we'll see how I feel after Saturday's 12. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Okay I was going through some older photos on my computer just now and decided to change my blog a little. I added some pictures at the right of some of my favorite recent times. The first is hubby and I on a boat tour in England it was cold, windy, rocky, and a total blast. This was the first of many goofy self portrait type pictures my hubby got sick of during the trip. That and making him take my picture eating all sorts of things. The next one at the bottom is my and my soon to be hubby when we checked out or wedding venue for the first time, two days before the wedding. Ah so wonderful. And I leave you with this: I had it framed and put on my husband's dresser. Ladies, if you've gotten married you know how the photographer has you do these ridiculous poses? This one she had said something like "Okay now turn your head very slowly towards me and start bringing your hand up to the veil..." and all the while she's snapping picture after picture. This one was pretty decent I thought. I love the veil. It's my mom's family veil and it was bought by her parents on their 25th wedding anniversary in Italy. My mom and all her sister's wore it. It was the only thing she had wanted for my wedding and I'm so glad I chose to wear it. I'm the first of this generation of women to wear it. And I'm pretty honored. Just wish my mom coulda been there, you know? Okay enough blabbing.

Kelly OUT!

Thursday, March 5

Speedy speedy.

So in preparation for my triathalon (March 29th here in Omaha), I've been tryinig to maxamize my 20min run. Last night after my 12hr day I headed to the gym. I didn't end up running on Tuesday and felt a little guilty.


This morning, running buddy and I weren't feeling the run so we decided to do a quick two miles:


What what? I know! I know.
I'm shocked. Today I started at 6.0 and didn't slow down, ended the last 0.25miles with 8.0 or 7:30pace. Craziness.

In other news I think it's time to think about half marathon fashion. What do you think abou these shirts? I know they're cotton but meh, they'll just get super sweaty and I'm not sure that I can find a customization for a tech shirt. Anyone have any good ideas?

PS - here's a funny picture of me and my new running buddy sugar bear (my running buddy's new saint) -

Doesn't it look like I'm strangling her?

Tuesday, March 3


Remember the time when my husband and I were the worst kitty-parents ever?

My cat does:

My poor baby. That's her frothing and foaming after taking her medicine this morning. :( I hate this and we're not nearly half way through the doses. So sad. But hopefully she should feel a ton better. Stop losing weight, stop being dehydrated, stop the diarrhea. All good things.

So this morning I did an 8:15am core class to work on my abs. I'm so glad it was only a half an hour! It was kinda tough. Although, I was expecting more sit ups and what not and we ended up starting the class throwing a medicine ball and shuffling across the floor. They did not disclaim that you'd need to be able to throw and catch things before the class. My poor running buddy (who talked me into this) had to run and chase our ball a few times. Sorry Tiffany!

Afterwards buddy ran over to the spin class and I swam for about 28min. I did 20laps which was approx: 2:48/100yds. About the norm. I already feel like I got a great workout but another gal from work wants to do three miles with me this afternoon. So I maybe headed for a three-a-day workout? Would that be what you'd call it? Probably not.

Oh! And I didn't win but Jogger has the coolest coupon binder idea. So I purchased all I needed to make my own:

Yay! Off to be all crafty and such. I like my binder cause it has a handle on the side (binding side) so I think I could just grab that and go when I have my hands full of groceries. Now here's a question Jogger, do you take this with you everywhere? Do you just leave it in your car so you don't forget it? Do you mostly take it grocery shopping? How do you know if your stores offer "double coupons"? Just call up and ask?

Found this through Jogger, but One frugal foodie is giving away tons of EB Good's! I've never tried these but I'm excited at the chance to try a ton of them.

Strawberry Shortstuff is giving away Simply bars!

Chocolate Covered Kate is giving away Jocalat bars!

And finally, Lucky Tastebuds is giving away Barney Butter!

EGN is giving away a Danskin tank. Sounds like these giveaways are pretty regular so I've added her to my stalkee list. :)

OH yeah, ps. - I signed up for my first triathalon. It's an indoor tri at my gym. Swim 10min, Bike 30min, Run 20min as fast as you can for the distance you can. Then you're ranked. So no pressure right? Assuming the bike doesn't kill me I think I'll survive.

Monday, March 2

running buddies reunite

Quick three mile run. Listen to me, "quick" 3miles! Increased speed by 10sec/mile up until the last mile. And since I hope to bore you all to death, let's break it down, shall we?

Mile 0-0.5: 5.7 (boring)
Mile 0.5-1: 6.0 (10min/mile)
Mile 1-1.5: 6.1 (9:49/mile)
Mile 1.5-2.0: 6.2 (9:40/mile)
Mile 2.0-2.5: 6.5 (9:31/mile)
Mile 2.5-2.75: 7.0 (somewhere around 8:34 - maybe)
Mile 2.75-2.9: 7.5 (8min/mile, maybe)
Last 0.1: 8.0 (7:30/mile!!!!)

My running buddy looked at me when I was done and said "what's up with you going so fast?" (cause we kind of race each other, don't deny it Tiffany, you do speed up and so do I. no one wants to be the slower buddy). Well it was only 0.1miles. And if it weren't for the sour stomach from eating a Lamar's glazed before the run, I think I could have held it. Honestly. Maybe it was the fact that I was only running that fast for the last half mile or so, that I knew I would be done soon. But I wasn't even breathing that hard or really that tired. I felt like I was on autopilot the last quarter mile. My legs and arms were just going. I wonder if I would have been able to keep it up outside? I guess so cause my 1mile race in Sept I ran a 7:27, right? I can't wait for my first 5k this year, I hope I can smash my 30:00 goal!

Another good start to the week I think. Tiffany may talk me into this core class tomorrow, I'm kind of dreading it. Cause I've done one before and I was so for a week, well maybe not a week, but a while. And I have to work 12 on Wed and I'll just wine about it, okay? I think if she talks me into it I'll do core and then swim while she spins. We'll see.

Sunday, March 1


Since I had no running buddy today I decided to swim. I did 29laps. First 15, normal pace. Laps 15-20 super speedy (5:50 2:20/100yrds!). Then a SLOW 9laps to recover. Total time: 40:35 AP 2:47/100yds. Now I'm all chlorine-y, off to shower and get on with my day.