Saturday, February 28


So, no I'm not pregnant, but I'm saving the ginger mints (if they don't expire) till I am cause I think ginger aides in nausea relief. I also heard this week that if you eat a little dark chocolate during your pregnancy that your child will be a good sleeper. Um, our kids will be narcoleptic. Sweet.

Anywhos. Woke up late today after turning off the alarm clocks and sleeping for another hour this morning. Took the kitty to the vet so the tech could show us how to give her the flagyl she needs to take for the next two weeks. We haven't been able to get a dose down her since the first try on Wed night. We found out she has giardia. Poor thing, so I know the metronidazole will make her feel better but really, does it have to taste so stinking bad? We even flavored it orange (or my husband did cause he's her pharmacist), no help. So after lunch and some light reading. Who needs to do housework, really? I decided I was in a bad mood. No reason, my poor husband just left me alone to play video games (which he's still doing by the way). So after reading about Pharmie's amazing 4.5HOUR trainer ride I decided I had no good excuses not to go to the gym and hop on the treadmill. I think I was dragging my feet cause I had wanted to run outside today with some gals from work but since it snowed (a lot) last night that wasn't going to happen. And lately I haven't held a very good pace on the treadmill or outside so I was worried I'd psych myself out by watching the clock and the numbers. You know?

Well my run was great! I did 4.65 miles in 46:31 which is exactly a 10min mile! yay.
Mile 0.75: 5.5 (10:54) - boring!
Mile 0.75-1.75: 5.7 (10:30) - kick it up a notch!
--potty break at 1.75miles--
Mile 1.75-2: 5.7 (10:30)
Mile 2-4: 6.0 (10:00)
Mile 4-4.25: 6.2 (9:40) - still feeling good.
Mile 4.25-4.5: 6.5 (9:13) - feeling great!
Mile 4.5-4.65: 3.5 - cool down

I know, I'm very excited, and my bad mood is gone. I think my husband likes me (and my running out my bad mood) even more tonight.

Feb totals
Run: 61.8miles
Swim: 3150yds

Off to sushi for dinner with friends. Yes, did you hear that, friends! We're so popular.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the month. I'm inspired to get back to running consistently.

Nice job on the pace today.

joyRuN said...

Yay for running out of the bad mood!

M*J*C said...

Great job with the run!!! Hope your Sushi was awesome, I went out foe Sushi last night too and it was DELISH!!!!

teacherwoman said...

Great month! Wahoo!

Denise said...

Aw, poor kitty!! I hate having to give them meds.

Hope your sushi was delicious!