Wednesday, February 25

Wed run

Went out with Tiffany and the dogs today. Wanted to do 3miles at a faster pace. We tried, but misjudged our distance and ended up doing 2.5ish. With 1/2mile warm up and cool down from her house to the trail. The good news is I think we had a negative split. We did the first half in 12:40. Stopped let the puppies catch their breath and went back. Boy that wind was cold! I think we made it back in 11:20? 24minutes total. AHR 167 MHR 186. AP: 9:36. Which I'm totally happy about. It felt nice to pick up the pace so I didn't feel like we were stuck at 12min miles. Hope everyone has good workouts today!

If this works, I'd like to post a video from the concert we went to on Saturday:


X-Country2 said...

Great run! I love that song too. It's forever tied to the season finale of The O.C., but whatev. I have low-brow taste like that.

ImportanceOfWhatever said...

I always like to see where my concert vids end up or where they might get posted at...anyways I ended up sitting here, reading most of your workout posts... I love hiking but I never know how many miles/ distance I go - I just know I go for about 50-60 mins and that's good enough for me. Anyways, great blog! The Rufus Wainwright concert was amazing - thanks for posting my vid. :o)