Tuesday, February 24

Tuesday workout(s)!

So, I went to the funeral this morning, so no run with the running buddy. First funeral since my mom's so that was tough. I felt like a phoney crying more because it reminded and brought back all the feelings of the first few days after my mom died. Rather than crying cause I actually knew the lady that died. She's the wife of a coworker of my husband's so I felt for him and for his kids but I didn't know her. I was just supporting my husband really. So that was strange. The good thing was that it was a catholic mass today which was nothing like my mom's I think that helped me remove myself some what. My mom's wasn't religious, it was just a celebration, remembering her through stories, pictures, and music. Enough said I think.

Today's workouts: Started with a swim. I really picked up the last five laps, I didn't stop at any time though. But since I didn't have my watch I had to guesstimate my time at 27:00 which put me at 2:42yds/min. Not a good a pace as last week, but I was able to swim the whole distance. So that says something I think. Went upstairs for a run which was 3miles according to our new 1/2 training schedule. It wasn't as spectacular as yesterday but I think I was tired from the swim. I felt heavy. My pace broke down like this: 5.7 5min warm up; 6.0 5min; 6.2 (9:40) for 10min (a FULL mile!); walked 0.1; 6.5 (9:13) for 0.4; walked 0.1; 6.5 for 0.3; walked last 0.1. Meh. I had just come from a swim. So I'm okay with that. Plus it was sans ipod during a boring TV hour. I hate trying to read subtitles to evening news. I'm just not that quick.

So our new training plan is from marathonrookie.com. It's 10 weeks which is perfect. But we were working on a mileage build up plan from marathontraining.com and were trying to get up to 26miles/week. So this first week calls for 3,3,3,4. Our long run is 4miles?! This feels so strange. I guess that's why I'm trying to speed up my 3miles. I'm welcoming the break to go back to 13mile weeks. Heck with illness and what not we've kinda regressed back to that anyway recently. I think if we work on speed with our "short" 3miles (I can't believe I just typed that) we'll really be in good shape. I hate to say it but I was dreading each run of our old buildup cause it felt like we were always doing "longer runs" of 6,7,8 miles. Does that make sense? It just felt like almost too much. I was dying to get on the treadmill for a scheduled 3 miles or heck, even just 4. I feel so much more versatile when I'm doing shorter runs cause I feel like it's short enough that I can play with pace and speed and tempo. When I'm on the treadmill for 8miles I feel like I'm in it for the long haul and I don't want to mess with my pace too much cause God forbid I tire out too quickly and walk the last 1/2 of the run. You know?

So I've been trying to reply to posts but something must be up cause all I get is a "loading" message when I try to send it. So here you go, hope you still read my blog:

Dave: Kelly? No, only kidding. What about Alice? That was the name of my first car. Or Gretchen?

Am I crazy to Tri: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good weather too. Do you like your trainer at the house? I think I've used my bike, oh 3 times since I got it. Maybe I'd use it more if I had a trainer...maybe.

That's all for now. Another 3miles is on the schedule tomorrow. With the running buddy, yeah!

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