Thursday, February 5

Low mileage week.

Enough said. Stomach flu, for the first time in decades. Usually when I get sick with stomach-y stuff it's food poisoning. Oh well. Go me. So I was down for the count Sunday big time. Monday I called into work for the first time in years. I guess the talk around work was that I must have been really sick cause "she never calls in!". Hey, if I'm scheduled to work they need me. I'm not one to call in with a personal day or sick day if I don't have to. Lived on saltines and Gatorade Monday and most of Tuesday. Went for a quick run which I think I've already blogged about. Whoops. I feel like I've been gone forever!. Today we took the new saint Bernard and the old one out for a run. The fun thing was that this new one hasn't been on a leash, in, like ever. Her whole life. So if it took us a good hour to do five miles, so what. I had a lot of fun! Polly her older dog got a riled up at some dogs we were passing and I thought I was going to eat cement. So Tiffany took her over and I got to run home with Sugar bear or my little nickname for her, "Ducky". So fun! My hubby and I so need a dog! I guess we'll only need a dog if we move away from Tiffany though cause right now her dogs would kill us for only taking one of them out. So, slow run. Cold out, I think my car said 26 on the way over. Which is chilly considering we hadn't been running outside since, early December, maybe? I feel soo good having run outside though. I got some sunshine, cold air, I warmed up during the run. So nice! And, did I tell you how much fun these dogs were? I can't wait until it's warmer out and we can be outside all the time! Thanks Tiffany for a great run! I'm thinking my mileage will be about, 13. We'll see what I can get done tomorrow.


teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Don't beat yourself up for the low mileage. You couldn't control getting sick! :)

Denise said...

I'm with you...been sick since last weekend and it totally sucks. I want to get back to running!! Feel better1

Oz Runner said...

I had a stomach illness like that about a month ago, only it was on my day off so didn't miss work...I was knocked out though....definitely that you can run with your dog.