Monday, February 23

I'm back

Concert was wonderful. Awesome. My favorite part was that his opening act was his sister (who I'd never heard of), Lucy Wainwright Roche. Phenomenal! We ended up getting her cd and had it signed. So fun!

Off to a visitation this afternoon.

Just a quick note on a good start to the week:

"tempo" run (I think): 5.7 for 5min; 6.0 for 10min; 6.2 for 10min; 6.5 for 5min. Yay. Didn't slow down or walk! 9:51 AP

PS- French onion soup mentioned last week, AWESOME. I'm so impressed with my cooking. I even splurged and bought the fancy cheese. Totally worth it. You sould make it tonight!


teacherwoman said...

Yes, That looks like a great start to the week!

Anonymous said...

That soup sounds good!

Blyfinn said...

nice start to the week. You sound so upbeat!

Kelly said...

Bly- was it all the !!! ? :)

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like it's going to be a great week!

melinda said...

thanks for the recipe! it looks great!

also, good run!