Tuesday, February 17

Eve swim.

After reading some blogs I decided to don my swimsuit one more time today and get out there and cross train. I did a quick swim of 20laps. I almost stumbled into a master's class as well. Got there and the pool was hopping. Took the last open lane (there are five lanes I think) far to the right of the pool. Did 10laps and I felt good. Laps 2 and 3 when I'd get to the end of the lane and turn around to go back, I saw a bald guy sitting at the end of the lane. When I got back down there he was gone. Weird right? Well about lap 6 he shows up again. When I get to the end of the lane I nearly swim him over. I guess that'd be the right term. I wasn't expecting him to still be there. He was clutching the side of the pool and said "I'm just here...I just want you to know...I'm just doing what I'm doing..." something to that effect. No eye contact, still clutching the side of the pool. I smiled and said sorry for almost running him over and then went about my laps. And thought to myself "What is it that you're doing?". Maybe he was stretching or something cause he never used the lane. Then he was gone. Took a breather at 10laps or 12:44 cause I was getting tingly and felt weak. It was then that I noticed the few people sharing lanes and talking with a guy in full clothes at the edge of the pool. He was telling certain people to get into their lanes and the next thing I know there's a guy in my lane. He pops up and says "Am I over here with you then?". I half grimaced/smiled and said "No I don't think so, I'm not part of the class". He kept on going explaining that "Well I'm not either, but this master's thing, I just got roped into. I'm just going to swim really slow and get yelled at..." And on and on. I smiled and got back to my laps as soon as I felt up to it. I tried to make way on one side of the lane in case he still thought he was supposed to be in my lane. He didn't use my lane. I think he moved a lane over but I guess that meant I was almost roped into a master's class as well. I think having them there gave me motivation. I tried to keep my form looking classy imagining the teacher/coach guy saying "look at that young lady in the far lane, her form is impeccable". I never heard him say that but when I got out after 20laps total he smiled at me. That's enough for me, I'm sure he was totally secretly impressed with my sort of self taught swimming prowess. I know it.

1000yards. 25:52 2:35min/100yrds. Better than yesterday, must have been the master's class next to me!


Blyfinn said...

Sounds like you showed them up pretty well. Hope you didn't hurt their feelings to bad.

joyRuN said...

If the master's swim class in my pool wasn't at 7am on Sundays, I'd be all over it. Maybe after my marathon. I'd LOVE to improve the flailing!

jen said...

Great swim Kelly!

The dynamics of lane-sharing and stuff are always weird but you handled it well. I am so impressed and proud of your swim progress! Keep it up. :)