Tuesday, February 17

Another run outside!

So I should have run on Sunday but I just couldn't drag myself to the gym. Tiffany was working and I had the day off with the Hubby so no running. We went and saw Coraline instead which was interesting. I'm glad I saw it in the theaters (cause we got to see it in 3D) so that was fun.

Yesterday I called up the running buddy and said "I really don't feel like running on the treadmill" and she said "Me neither. You know we could try swimming". Sweet. I hadn't worn one of my new suits in a while so I was excited to squeeze myself back into my two piece. I think I've lost 4 pounds with all my training so that was fun that I wasn't very bulgy in my suit. I ended up swimming about 32minutes. It was so crowded. Tiffany and I had to share a lane the first few minutes. So I selfishly did 100yards and then let her swim her laps. A lane opened up and I grabbed it and swam freestyle for 10laps (without stopping). Then took a break to say goodbye to Tiffany. Then did 11laps without stopping. Total of 1150 yards in 32min which is 2:46/100yds. I have no idea if that's a good time. But I didn't pass out, get dizzy, or run out of breath so that was good enough for me.

Today we took the girls (Polly and Duckie) out for a run on our trail near Tiffany's house. Checked the clock at the bank (neither one of us was wearing a watch) at the start and it was 8:58. Ran 2.5miles, decided to cross the street to run around the lake. We decided to cut the run around the lake short since it seemed Duckie was tiring out and this was her second run ever. So we did about another 2.5miles or so and got back on the trail to head home. Duckie was getting antsy and would barrel into whoever was holding Polly's leash and run them off the road. About 1.5miles left to go we saw that she was eating snow and trying to horse around in it. We looked carefully and there was blood in her footprints! The poor thing had rubbed her pads of her feet raw. We deduced that it's because of her sliding bow legged gait with her back paws. I'm so thankful we decided not to do the whole lake that would have been 4.5miles instead of just the 2.5. Yikes that would have been awful. So we got back to Tiffany's and the clock said 10:35. Bummer! That's about a 12:18min/mile pace! What up with dat? Seriously. We really felt like we rocked a better pace than with our run on Thursday. Less walking although we did have the dogs with us. What happened to our 10min miles? Did the ever exist?! I know we walked up a hill or three and stopped to care for a wounded dog but 12min miles? It makes me wonder what our run was on Thursday? Was it really 10miles? Did I screw up mapmyrun? Was it more like 8miles? Oh well, I'm still glad we got out there and took the dogs out. 7.72miles in 1:35ish is still good. I think I'm just a little disappointed cause this is our second run above a 10minute pace by a lot. I guess I thought I was just faster, more a 10min/mile. I think we'll definitely need some more speed work on the treadmill if we want to really improve our pace. One good thing is that neither one of us was really that tired from the run. A little stiff but that was maybe cause I didn't really stretch before the run.

Okay, does anyone read romance novels? Cause a friend from college gave me one for my birthday earlier in the year. Now that I'm into it I can't put it down. It's called "All that I ask". I think. It's so embarrassing. First it was teenybopper twilight and now a romance? Gawd I'm girlie. Help.


jen said...

haha, I don't read romance novels but I imagine I could get sucked into it too!

You did awesome on your swim and you also rocked the long run! I wouldn't worry about your pace. Without an accurate way of measuring the time/pace could be way off. If you rested for a few minutes it would totally change your average. Don't worry, you did great! :)

joyRuN said...

I got totally sucked into that Twilight stuff, too. Sheesh!

Great job with the run & swim :)

teacherwoman said...

Nice work in the pool!

I am not into the romance books, but I guess I have never tried. LOL. Still working on finishing the Twilight series... and am lovin' it!

Jogger said...

Whoa, the mother of my next door neighbor growing up was IN LUHHHVE with romance novels. During the summer, I would go over to her house and just read one after the other. She had them EVERYWHERE! I haven't read one in ages, but I'm so sure that I could easily get sucked back in.

Romance novels are a lot like the 90210 marathons they have on TV now...you don't *really* want to watch, but once you get started, you just can't stop.