Monday, February 9

7 on the 9th!

Ran my 7 on the 7th today. Because when I signed up for it I didn't know I was going to be working all weekend. My time was 1:12:46 AHR 157 MHR 189. And, I did not want to be on the treadmill today! I overslept and left the house half asleep to meet my running buddy, 20minutes late. Needless to say she'd already started her run, and she had a fantastic 8miles! So I have to be happy for that. But I kept stopping, at 15min, 25min, name it I walked took potty breaks, water breaks. Anything to make it stop. My pace was horrible. Ran most of it at 5.0 or 5.5. I think it hurt me knowing that Tiffany was ahead of me and looking at her treadmill saying "She only has 20minutes left and I have another whole 1/2 hr!...Ugh". Yeah I was a bad running buddy today. She looked over at me walking at 25minutes in and I mouthed (over our ipods) "I'm just not feeling it". She said "Come on, you can do it!". She finished her run and I still had about 10minutes left so she was walking and when she picked up her pace again I thought she was going to run the last few minutes of my run with me. When I stopped she said "I'm going for 8". I laughed, great. I had already decided to shorten my 7miles to 6 and now I had no excuse to hang on there for another mile. But I was secretly happy cause I'd get my 7miles in relatively close to the 7th and I knew she seemed to be having an awesome run. Her pace was way above her norm and stayed there for most of her run. I think after a while I just wanted to quit cause she was running faster than her normal and I felt like a slug today. And after my run I treated myself to a decaf fancy coffee and two Lamar's doughnuts. And I just got off the couch after a 2hour Amazing Wedding Cake veg out. Gross. I feel yicky. I always have plans of hopping in the shower and getting on with my day but changing into sweats and hearing the couch call my name...heaven.

Friday was an awesome run. We ran a tempo run.
Mile 1: 5.7
Mile 2: 6.0
Next five minutes: 6.2
Next mile and a half: 6.5
Last two minutes "raced" Tiffany for 7.0 and 7.2!

4.5miles accelerating. Wonderful way to end the low mileage week.

Today not the best way to start our 26mile week. But it can only get better, right?


Blyfinn said...

So are you signed up for the Lincoln half already?

Jogger said...

We all have "those" days, girl! Don't beat yourself up. I ran 6.25 yesterday, then went home and made German chocolate cupcakes. I ate about 10 of them. Now I'm on my way to eat a hideous dinner with my friend. Well...because today, I feel yucky!'ll make us run faster next time. =)

jen said...

Way to push through the 7 miler! Sometimes I take all the breaks I need just to finish the mileage, it helps. Nice tempo run too!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the runs! :)

joyRuN said...

Great job!

on my way, or "tri"ing to be said...

so proud of you!! even if it wasn't your best you got it done, and thats the important part!