Saturday, February 28


So, no I'm not pregnant, but I'm saving the ginger mints (if they don't expire) till I am cause I think ginger aides in nausea relief. I also heard this week that if you eat a little dark chocolate during your pregnancy that your child will be a good sleeper. Um, our kids will be narcoleptic. Sweet.

Anywhos. Woke up late today after turning off the alarm clocks and sleeping for another hour this morning. Took the kitty to the vet so the tech could show us how to give her the flagyl she needs to take for the next two weeks. We haven't been able to get a dose down her since the first try on Wed night. We found out she has giardia. Poor thing, so I know the metronidazole will make her feel better but really, does it have to taste so stinking bad? We even flavored it orange (or my husband did cause he's her pharmacist), no help. So after lunch and some light reading. Who needs to do housework, really? I decided I was in a bad mood. No reason, my poor husband just left me alone to play video games (which he's still doing by the way). So after reading about Pharmie's amazing 4.5HOUR trainer ride I decided I had no good excuses not to go to the gym and hop on the treadmill. I think I was dragging my feet cause I had wanted to run outside today with some gals from work but since it snowed (a lot) last night that wasn't going to happen. And lately I haven't held a very good pace on the treadmill or outside so I was worried I'd psych myself out by watching the clock and the numbers. You know?

Well my run was great! I did 4.65 miles in 46:31 which is exactly a 10min mile! yay.
Mile 0.75: 5.5 (10:54) - boring!
Mile 0.75-1.75: 5.7 (10:30) - kick it up a notch!
--potty break at 1.75miles--
Mile 1.75-2: 5.7 (10:30)
Mile 2-4: 6.0 (10:00)
Mile 4-4.25: 6.2 (9:40) - still feeling good.
Mile 4.25-4.5: 6.5 (9:13) - feeling great!
Mile 4.5-4.65: 3.5 - cool down

I know, I'm very excited, and my bad mood is gone. I think my husband likes me (and my running out my bad mood) even more tonight.

Feb totals
Run: 61.8miles
Swim: 3150yds

Off to sushi for dinner with friends. Yes, did you hear that, friends! We're so popular.

Thursday, February 26


Newman-o's: Delicious. I really was skeptical, but I thought they tasted great with a good cold glass of (organic) milk. Mmmm. I think it was the chocolate creme center that helped. If they'd tried to do the white-lard-y center oreos does I think it wouldn't have worked. The chocolate makes them different enough.

Ginger mints: Definately going to save these for pregnancy, the ginger was a bit much. Very strong.

Peanut butter cups: I tried to only eat one, I did. But by the time I left the house five minutes later I had eaten the whole package. Good stuff. You can tell they're no reese's but I thought they were good!

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, February 25


So. First of all, thank you to Amanda from Run to Finish for all her contests and giveaways. I won one about a week ago and look what was waiting for me when I got home:

Yay. Thanks again, and excuse the hair. I was too excited about opening the package to worry about my hair before taking a photo.

Wed run

Went out with Tiffany and the dogs today. Wanted to do 3miles at a faster pace. We tried, but misjudged our distance and ended up doing 2.5ish. With 1/2mile warm up and cool down from her house to the trail. The good news is I think we had a negative split. We did the first half in 12:40. Stopped let the puppies catch their breath and went back. Boy that wind was cold! I think we made it back in 11:20? 24minutes total. AHR 167 MHR 186. AP: 9:36. Which I'm totally happy about. It felt nice to pick up the pace so I didn't feel like we were stuck at 12min miles. Hope everyone has good workouts today!

If this works, I'd like to post a video from the concert we went to on Saturday:

Tuesday, February 24

Tuesday workout(s)!

So, I went to the funeral this morning, so no run with the running buddy. First funeral since my mom's so that was tough. I felt like a phoney crying more because it reminded and brought back all the feelings of the first few days after my mom died. Rather than crying cause I actually knew the lady that died. She's the wife of a coworker of my husband's so I felt for him and for his kids but I didn't know her. I was just supporting my husband really. So that was strange. The good thing was that it was a catholic mass today which was nothing like my mom's I think that helped me remove myself some what. My mom's wasn't religious, it was just a celebration, remembering her through stories, pictures, and music. Enough said I think.

Today's workouts: Started with a swim. I really picked up the last five laps, I didn't stop at any time though. But since I didn't have my watch I had to guesstimate my time at 27:00 which put me at 2:42yds/min. Not a good a pace as last week, but I was able to swim the whole distance. So that says something I think. Went upstairs for a run which was 3miles according to our new 1/2 training schedule. It wasn't as spectacular as yesterday but I think I was tired from the swim. I felt heavy. My pace broke down like this: 5.7 5min warm up; 6.0 5min; 6.2 (9:40) for 10min (a FULL mile!); walked 0.1; 6.5 (9:13) for 0.4; walked 0.1; 6.5 for 0.3; walked last 0.1. Meh. I had just come from a swim. So I'm okay with that. Plus it was sans ipod during a boring TV hour. I hate trying to read subtitles to evening news. I'm just not that quick.

So our new training plan is from It's 10 weeks which is perfect. But we were working on a mileage build up plan from and were trying to get up to 26miles/week. So this first week calls for 3,3,3,4. Our long run is 4miles?! This feels so strange. I guess that's why I'm trying to speed up my 3miles. I'm welcoming the break to go back to 13mile weeks. Heck with illness and what not we've kinda regressed back to that anyway recently. I think if we work on speed with our "short" 3miles (I can't believe I just typed that) we'll really be in good shape. I hate to say it but I was dreading each run of our old buildup cause it felt like we were always doing "longer runs" of 6,7,8 miles. Does that make sense? It just felt like almost too much. I was dying to get on the treadmill for a scheduled 3 miles or heck, even just 4. I feel so much more versatile when I'm doing shorter runs cause I feel like it's short enough that I can play with pace and speed and tempo. When I'm on the treadmill for 8miles I feel like I'm in it for the long haul and I don't want to mess with my pace too much cause God forbid I tire out too quickly and walk the last 1/2 of the run. You know?

So I've been trying to reply to posts but something must be up cause all I get is a "loading" message when I try to send it. So here you go, hope you still read my blog:

Dave: Kelly? No, only kidding. What about Alice? That was the name of my first car. Or Gretchen?

Am I crazy to Tri: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good weather too. Do you like your trainer at the house? I think I've used my bike, oh 3 times since I got it. Maybe I'd use it more if I had a trainer...maybe.

That's all for now. Another 3miles is on the schedule tomorrow. With the running buddy, yeah!

Monday, February 23

I'm back

Concert was wonderful. Awesome. My favorite part was that his opening act was his sister (who I'd never heard of), Lucy Wainwright Roche. Phenomenal! We ended up getting her cd and had it signed. So fun!

Off to a visitation this afternoon.

Just a quick note on a good start to the week:

"tempo" run (I think): 5.7 for 5min; 6.0 for 10min; 6.2 for 10min; 6.5 for 5min. Yay. Didn't slow down or walk! 9:51 AP

PS- French onion soup mentioned last week, AWESOME. I'm so impressed with my cooking. I even splurged and bought the fancy cheese. Totally worth it. You sould make it tonight!

Saturday, February 21

Two days, no running.

Today hubby and I are driving to Kansas City to see Rufus Wainwright in concert! I'm so excited! So no running today and then tomorrow we'll get back in town just in time for me to work the evening shift. So no running tomorrow either. Yay Monday. Happy long runs everybody!

Thursday, February 19

Evening run.

Woke up late after having running buddy call me earlier to say she was sick. So, I hope Tiffany, you're feeling better tonight. Hubby and I lounged around (I got my quilt ready to be quilted at the shop he played video games) and around 12, we said "Let's just eat lunch, we'll go to the gym later". I had hummus with carrots and he had a sammich. Nice low key, so nice not to go out for lunch!

It's a good thing we didn't go out cause hubby got called into work because of a family emergency with the other pharmacist. So he left me around 1:45. After lusting after the french onion soup from PW all morning, I set out for some errands. I got myself a fancy new soup pot from TJ Maxx. New tank tops for running in which I really hadn't planned on getting but really, can you pass up 6 dollar tank tops? No you can't.

Off to the gym. I did an interval run. Starting with a warm up mile at 5.5. Then did 800meter (is that a 1/2mile? cause that's what I ran) with 400m recovery. My 1/2 miles ranged from 6.0 or 10min mile up to 8.0 or a 7:50min mile for the last 1/4. I did start walking my 1/4mile by my third of six intervals cause the 5.5 break just wasn't slow enough. And my 6th interval was 7.5 for the first 1/4mile and then a 0.1mile walk break then back up to 8.0 for the last 1/4mile. Quick walk and I was done. I'm not super pleased cause I walked and couldn't really hack it. But it was 5 more miles. So I can't complain.

On the way home I got all the ingredients for the french onion soup plus m&m cookies for the hubby when he gets home tonight. Just put the soup in the oven, hope the new pot doesn't explode!

Tuesday, February 17

Eve swim.

After reading some blogs I decided to don my swimsuit one more time today and get out there and cross train. I did a quick swim of 20laps. I almost stumbled into a master's class as well. Got there and the pool was hopping. Took the last open lane (there are five lanes I think) far to the right of the pool. Did 10laps and I felt good. Laps 2 and 3 when I'd get to the end of the lane and turn around to go back, I saw a bald guy sitting at the end of the lane. When I got back down there he was gone. Weird right? Well about lap 6 he shows up again. When I get to the end of the lane I nearly swim him over. I guess that'd be the right term. I wasn't expecting him to still be there. He was clutching the side of the pool and said "I'm just here...I just want you to know...I'm just doing what I'm doing..." something to that effect. No eye contact, still clutching the side of the pool. I smiled and said sorry for almost running him over and then went about my laps. And thought to myself "What is it that you're doing?". Maybe he was stretching or something cause he never used the lane. Then he was gone. Took a breather at 10laps or 12:44 cause I was getting tingly and felt weak. It was then that I noticed the few people sharing lanes and talking with a guy in full clothes at the edge of the pool. He was telling certain people to get into their lanes and the next thing I know there's a guy in my lane. He pops up and says "Am I over here with you then?". I half grimaced/smiled and said "No I don't think so, I'm not part of the class". He kept on going explaining that "Well I'm not either, but this master's thing, I just got roped into. I'm just going to swim really slow and get yelled at..." And on and on. I smiled and got back to my laps as soon as I felt up to it. I tried to make way on one side of the lane in case he still thought he was supposed to be in my lane. He didn't use my lane. I think he moved a lane over but I guess that meant I was almost roped into a master's class as well. I think having them there gave me motivation. I tried to keep my form looking classy imagining the teacher/coach guy saying "look at that young lady in the far lane, her form is impeccable". I never heard him say that but when I got out after 20laps total he smiled at me. That's enough for me, I'm sure he was totally secretly impressed with my sort of self taught swimming prowess. I know it.

1000yards. 25:52 2:35min/100yrds. Better than yesterday, must have been the master's class next to me!

Another run outside!

So I should have run on Sunday but I just couldn't drag myself to the gym. Tiffany was working and I had the day off with the Hubby so no running. We went and saw Coraline instead which was interesting. I'm glad I saw it in the theaters (cause we got to see it in 3D) so that was fun.

Yesterday I called up the running buddy and said "I really don't feel like running on the treadmill" and she said "Me neither. You know we could try swimming". Sweet. I hadn't worn one of my new suits in a while so I was excited to squeeze myself back into my two piece. I think I've lost 4 pounds with all my training so that was fun that I wasn't very bulgy in my suit. I ended up swimming about 32minutes. It was so crowded. Tiffany and I had to share a lane the first few minutes. So I selfishly did 100yards and then let her swim her laps. A lane opened up and I grabbed it and swam freestyle for 10laps (without stopping). Then took a break to say goodbye to Tiffany. Then did 11laps without stopping. Total of 1150 yards in 32min which is 2:46/100yds. I have no idea if that's a good time. But I didn't pass out, get dizzy, or run out of breath so that was good enough for me.

Today we took the girls (Polly and Duckie) out for a run on our trail near Tiffany's house. Checked the clock at the bank (neither one of us was wearing a watch) at the start and it was 8:58. Ran 2.5miles, decided to cross the street to run around the lake. We decided to cut the run around the lake short since it seemed Duckie was tiring out and this was her second run ever. So we did about another 2.5miles or so and got back on the trail to head home. Duckie was getting antsy and would barrel into whoever was holding Polly's leash and run them off the road. About 1.5miles left to go we saw that she was eating snow and trying to horse around in it. We looked carefully and there was blood in her footprints! The poor thing had rubbed her pads of her feet raw. We deduced that it's because of her sliding bow legged gait with her back paws. I'm so thankful we decided not to do the whole lake that would have been 4.5miles instead of just the 2.5. Yikes that would have been awful. So we got back to Tiffany's and the clock said 10:35. Bummer! That's about a 12:18min/mile pace! What up with dat? Seriously. We really felt like we rocked a better pace than with our run on Thursday. Less walking although we did have the dogs with us. What happened to our 10min miles? Did the ever exist?! I know we walked up a hill or three and stopped to care for a wounded dog but 12min miles? It makes me wonder what our run was on Thursday? Was it really 10miles? Did I screw up mapmyrun? Was it more like 8miles? Oh well, I'm still glad we got out there and took the dogs out. 7.72miles in 1:35ish is still good. I think I'm just a little disappointed cause this is our second run above a 10minute pace by a lot. I guess I thought I was just faster, more a 10min/mile. I think we'll definitely need some more speed work on the treadmill if we want to really improve our pace. One good thing is that neither one of us was really that tired from the run. A little stiff but that was maybe cause I didn't really stretch before the run.

Okay, does anyone read romance novels? Cause a friend from college gave me one for my birthday earlier in the year. Now that I'm into it I can't put it down. It's called "All that I ask". I think. It's so embarrassing. First it was teenybopper twilight and now a romance? Gawd I'm girlie. Help.

Thursday, February 12

First ever...10 miles!

10.23 miles (mapped out on Logmyrun) 2:04:03. 12min/mile pace ish.
I was so excited about this run today. And now, I'm even more excited that we finished! We started from my house which was a change of pace, no dogs. We ran to Lake Wehrspan (sp?) and around. We didn't know the way very well and ended up entering the park at a different section than I thought we would. So we ran to the left thinking it must loop around, but didn't see the trail. So we turned around and headed right. Thank goodness we did cause there was a visitor's center with Bathrooms! Hallelujah! We stopped at the facilities and found this cute turtle:

We also took/staged some pictures at the beginning of our run:

(Me giving a thumbs up)


Saw some deer just before hitting the visitor's center (three white tail) can you see them?

Felt better after using the BR so we headed back out and looped around the lake. I used my first (ever) cliff shot at Mile 5ish (1:04 in to the run):

My review of the shot: I was nervous about using it cause I was worried about it upsetting my stomach. But I knew we were on the tail end of our run so I figured it was now or never. And that gel had sat in my pantry for months and I'm sure they have to expire at some point, right? If you've never used them, it was like a thick chocolate (that's the flavor I had) pudding consistently. A little vitamin-y sort of. You could tell it was chocolate "flavored" for sure. There seemed to be a lot more of it in the packet than I was expecting. I definitely took my time "eating?" it? I was glad I had water to follow it up with too. I didn't feel extremely different right after using it, but in the last three miles I felt kinda peppy. So I'm sure it helped a bit and so far, I feel fine.

After finishing our loop of the lake, instead of going back home after hitting that weird/new entrance, we ran back to the visitor's center and then back to the new entrance before heading home. I really wanted to make sure we'd be in the double digits. Yes we did walk a bit, but it was our first attempt at double digits. Mine in my life and I think Tiffany's too. I know I'm excited. The last two or three miles I could really tell that my legs were a bit stiff, like I knew that I'd been doing this repetitive motion for about 1:45. You know what I mean?

Us arriving home:

Working 12 tomorrow, this should be interesting! Right now I'm pounding a 32oz Gatorade rain and just and a cup of noodles. They just sounded good. Also, had a banana about an hour before the run and about 45minutes after. So I was kinda healthy, right?

Wednesday, February 11

Rest day.

Didn't really need it, just kinda ran out of time. And well, let's face it, my running buddy said she was taking a rest day and it sounded like a good idea. I think we're going to try for 9miles tomorrow. :
Took the girls (our two cats) into the vet today. The vet thinks our older cat, Buttercup, isn't well. Blood work and 20minutes later, we walk out with a 250dollar bill. I hope it's just nothing but we were kinda concerned that's why we took her in. Here's my babies:

Buttercup: (half winking)

And, Chrysanthemum (Chrissy for short):

That's our family. We really need to start having kids so we don't refer to our pets as "our kids" or "babies" and what not.

Off to quilting tonight, last class. Back to piecing my second quilt together now.

Tuesday, February 10

Getting better.

Today's run was better than yesterday. Not fabulous again, like Tiffany, but good. Tiffany rocked the last two runs even though today she "really didn't feel like running". Funny yesterday that was how I felt and I sucked through the whole thing. She used her not wanting to run and rocked a 6.5/6.7 pace for I bet a few miles. That being a really fast pace for her. So me, being the turtle this week, tried to keep up. First two miles easy at 5.5 then 5.7 for the third mile. 6.0 to 6.2 for the 4th, 6.5 or 9:13 pace for about 6-7minutes. Back down to 5.5 for a break. And then cause Tiffany ended her run this way, I ran 7.5 or 8min/mile pace for the last two minutes of my run. Finished about 6miles in 1:02:39ish. Hopefully tomorrow I can get another run in. It'll have to be without Tiffany cause I have other commitments at our usual 8:30ish time. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 9

7 on the 9th!

Ran my 7 on the 7th today. Because when I signed up for it I didn't know I was going to be working all weekend. My time was 1:12:46 AHR 157 MHR 189. And, I did not want to be on the treadmill today! I overslept and left the house half asleep to meet my running buddy, 20minutes late. Needless to say she'd already started her run, and she had a fantastic 8miles! So I have to be happy for that. But I kept stopping, at 15min, 25min, name it I walked took potty breaks, water breaks. Anything to make it stop. My pace was horrible. Ran most of it at 5.0 or 5.5. I think it hurt me knowing that Tiffany was ahead of me and looking at her treadmill saying "She only has 20minutes left and I have another whole 1/2 hr!...Ugh". Yeah I was a bad running buddy today. She looked over at me walking at 25minutes in and I mouthed (over our ipods) "I'm just not feeling it". She said "Come on, you can do it!". She finished her run and I still had about 10minutes left so she was walking and when she picked up her pace again I thought she was going to run the last few minutes of my run with me. When I stopped she said "I'm going for 8". I laughed, great. I had already decided to shorten my 7miles to 6 and now I had no excuse to hang on there for another mile. But I was secretly happy cause I'd get my 7miles in relatively close to the 7th and I knew she seemed to be having an awesome run. Her pace was way above her norm and stayed there for most of her run. I think after a while I just wanted to quit cause she was running faster than her normal and I felt like a slug today. And after my run I treated myself to a decaf fancy coffee and two Lamar's doughnuts. And I just got off the couch after a 2hour Amazing Wedding Cake veg out. Gross. I feel yicky. I always have plans of hopping in the shower and getting on with my day but changing into sweats and hearing the couch call my name...heaven.

Friday was an awesome run. We ran a tempo run.
Mile 1: 5.7
Mile 2: 6.0
Next five minutes: 6.2
Next mile and a half: 6.5
Last two minutes "raced" Tiffany for 7.0 and 7.2!

4.5miles accelerating. Wonderful way to end the low mileage week.

Today not the best way to start our 26mile week. But it can only get better, right?

Thursday, February 5

Low mileage week.

Enough said. Stomach flu, for the first time in decades. Usually when I get sick with stomach-y stuff it's food poisoning. Oh well. Go me. So I was down for the count Sunday big time. Monday I called into work for the first time in years. I guess the talk around work was that I must have been really sick cause "she never calls in!". Hey, if I'm scheduled to work they need me. I'm not one to call in with a personal day or sick day if I don't have to. Lived on saltines and Gatorade Monday and most of Tuesday. Went for a quick run which I think I've already blogged about. Whoops. I feel like I've been gone forever!. Today we took the new saint Bernard and the old one out for a run. The fun thing was that this new one hasn't been on a leash, in, like ever. Her whole life. So if it took us a good hour to do five miles, so what. I had a lot of fun! Polly her older dog got a riled up at some dogs we were passing and I thought I was going to eat cement. So Tiffany took her over and I got to run home with Sugar bear or my little nickname for her, "Ducky". So fun! My hubby and I so need a dog! I guess we'll only need a dog if we move away from Tiffany though cause right now her dogs would kill us for only taking one of them out. So, slow run. Cold out, I think my car said 26 on the way over. Which is chilly considering we hadn't been running outside since, early December, maybe? I feel soo good having run outside though. I got some sunshine, cold air, I warmed up during the run. So nice! And, did I tell you how much fun these dogs were? I can't wait until it's warmer out and we can be outside all the time! Thanks Tiffany for a great run! I'm thinking my mileage will be about, 13. We'll see what I can get done tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 3


No, not me, yet. But Chic Runner's giving away this book!

You're welcome.

Running front. Three slow miles with the running buddy today. We decided this would be our slow week to give our legs a rest. We looked at each other after 30minutes and said "I feel like we haven't even started running!". I took it really slow between 5.0 for the first 15min 5.3 for the next 10min and then wait for it, 5.5 or 11:31/mile the last five minutes. Jealous I know. Hey at least I did it.

Thanks Tri-Dave! Here's the questions I asked for.

1. What do you plan on doing 10 minutes after you finish your first marathon?

Crying, seeing my husband. Talking on the phone to everyone I know. Having a bag of m&ms. That's fun, I really hadn't thought about what I was going to do.

2. What is your favorite "vice" food?

Um I can't go a day without chocolate. Sunday, when I was all vomity was the first time in ten years? Whenever the last time I couldn't eat anything was. Even yesterday recouping I had doghnettes those little chocolate covered doughnetttes.

3. What is your biggest goal within the next 4 years?

Start a family. yikes.

4. What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Probably thin mints or the peanut butter ones are those the tagalongs?

5. Are you planning on going back to Bikram?

Yes. Someday. I let my two week free trial expire for different reasons and now I'm having trouble paying the 7bucks/morning class to go. Plus recently I was sick. :/

To play along:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Have fun!

Sunday, February 1

No run.

Sick vomit-y. Sorry Tiffany, I didn't cheat on you.