Tuesday, January 6

What have I done?

So this morning running buddy and I decided to do strength training. Alright, I'm a wimp but if she's there to push me through I'll do it. We started with quads (leg extensions) and we did our sets like this:

light x12
heavier x10
heavier x8
heaviest x6
light x12

Moved onto hamstrings after we had done lunges (sp?). Next was abs then we did arms and more abs with these weighted bars. Part of our ab workout we did with those huge exercise balls and we were doing this sit up where we put the ball in between our feet, raise up and switch to hands back down and repeat...well I ended up throwing my ball across the floor and some trainer guy said "are you okay?". I said I'm just fine I'm a weakling. I modified the next two sets of that so that the ball didn't move. Whoops.

Then we hopped on the TM for 2.5miles or 25minutes of running. I knew I would be tired so I did a 10:30 pace at 5.7. Up the 6.0 or flat 10min/mile pace for 7-8min. Then back down to 5.7 cause I'm wimpy. Up to 9:40 pace for the last 90seconds of the run. That's got to count for something right?

All I wanted to do while I was running was swim. I just thought that would feel awesome after all that lifting. So after the run, I rinsed of and headed to the pool for a nice slow 20min swim. I only did 700yards if that gives you any idea how slow I really went.

As for other runs this week:

Sunday 3.88 miles Tried to hold between 10min and 9:20 pace. Had to walk for five minutes in the middle. Little asthma or some kind of action going on. Totally disappointed. Followed up run with 30 girlie push ups though. 10:34AP

Monday with my running buddy! 4.58miles or as my running buddy put it: "we totally did five miles!" We figured this because we run consistently a 10min/mile pace outside and the TM just measures the rotation of the belt. So, if I ran for 51minutes I did 5miles for sure. But I recorded what the TM said just in case. 11:01AP nice and slow cause Sunday was so icky. Plus I'd probably had a good bottle of wine Sunday night with some friends. mmm.

Working 12 tomorrow, probably won't run. But I know my running buddy will be doing 5miles so Thursday I'll have to do 5 instead of the 2.5 planned to catch up I think. But I already have about 3.88 miles ahead of her from Sunday so I don't have as much catching up to do as I thought.

I'm sad HBBC is over, I totally didn't win, I had 43 points total. But it was really fun and I'm looking forward to participating in contests like this again.


Nicole said...

Nice work out.

teacherwoman said...

Looks like some great workouts! Nice job!

ECrunnergirl said...

I love that you have a running buddy....you and yours sound a lot like me and mine!!! It just keeps you so motivated to get the work done and its so much better having someone there going through the hard work with you! The benefits are priceless.....nice job on the workout!!

joyRuN said...

Dang - you've been busy!