Monday, January 26

Thank goodness

For having my running buddy back! Yay Tiffany!

She's been running, it's not like she's back from some injury or something we just hadn't run together since...over a week ago? It was so nice to look over and have someone working just as hard (or harder) than me for the same amount of time. I took a break and hit pause on the treadmill today to drink water. Go me. I also had 1/2 mixed berry smoothie power bar before our run. So I think I was adequately fueled up.

Most of my run was 5.5 (10:54 pace). Last five minutes at 6.0 with the last 2.5minutes at 6.2 (9:40 pace - rocked it! - never mind it was only for 2.5minutes...). I listened to Steve for most of the run I've run out of new Dan Savage :( and listened to MIA paper planes and heartless for the last five minutes or so. That MIA song just puts me into this relaxed more elongated form. I love it.

Here's to tomorrow's 4.5!


Jogger said...

I was talking to someone about Paper Planes just the other does the same for me. I have it set on my iPod so that it falls right at the end of my quick 2 mile lunch workout. It puts me at a nice pace so I can run between 6.1 or 6.3 until the end of the run. Feels like you can stride exactly to the beat of the song. Kind of crazy how some songs are like that.

I think we're running at the same pace at the moment. =)

jen said...

Yay for the return of your running buddy!

Great run and nice job on the interval bit!

I have a couple songs like that- they are nice to have on hand for the end of a run or a rough patch.

teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear your running buddy is back! Nice job on the run!

Tri Dave said...

Great run! I always enjoy running with someone instead of alone.