Wednesday, January 28

Tempo RUN!

Did my three miles this morning and I tried out Jogger's tempo run she advised me on. I followed it to the T.

First 10minutes: 5.7
5min: 6.0
5min: 6.3
10min: 5.7

Tada. I really think that if I have to do tempo runs again, I'll try this formula. I changed paces often enough to keep the run interesting but not too much where I'd get confused. I just realized I said "if I do tempo runs again". Pretty sure in marathon training, it calls for a lot of them. Oh well.

Thank you so much Jogger!

Here's hoping my running buddy got her 6miles in. GO TIFFANY!


teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the tempo run! :)

Blyfinn said...

Nice! I have always really liked tempo runs. They make me feel wore out and like I have really accomplished something.

You signed up for the half?

Jogger said...

Oh my! I am so happy that you are happy with your run!!! I am also really glad that my advice wasn't a pile of bunko!

I really love my tempo runs now. They're great fun, and keep you looking forward to the next "piece" of the run.