Saturday, January 31

Saturday long run.

7miles. Ran it on the treadmill. :(

I knew my running buddy Tiffany wouldn't be with me today. But I was hoping I could convince Molly from work to run it with me. Well, calling a 22yr old at 8:30 on a Saturday morning to run 7miles probably wasn't the best idea. I half waited around for her to call me back and half got stuck to the couch eating leftover cake and watching Sell this House on TV. It was 1130 before I got out the door to run. I wanted to run outside so badly. But I am a chicken and I don't own mace yet so I went to the gym. Ran my miles in about 1:13:26. I ran alternated between 5.5 and 5.7 or 10:54 and 10:31min/mile for twenty minutes. I'd run twenty minutes, walk one, pause, drink water, walk one, run again for twenty minutes. It felt great. No stomach issues at all, must have been the cake. I also had 1/2 a power bar before deciding that cake was a good pre run food, maybe that was it too. I think it just helped to have a little something to eat and keeping hydrated during the run too. I really felt like I could have run longer but knew that would probably not be in my best interest in the long run. Plus, Tiffany would have been mad that I cheated on her with more miles.

I'm a little nervous for next week. So my long run this week was 7miles. Next week, 7miles is just a run during the week, not a long run. Does that make sense? My running buddy figured our week would look like this:

Sun 5miles
Mon 7miles
Tues 6miles
Friday 8miles

It's weird how quickly my regular two mile runs became 5 and 6miles "easy". Very strange. I'm really starting to feel like a runner. I can't wait until my long runs really feel like long runs, where I'll be consistently in the double digits. This mileage increase is so fun.


Blyfinn said...

Come on now you have been a runner for long time now.

joyRuN said...

Girl, you've been a runner.

Great job on the mileage!