Tuesday, January 27


Can you tell I'm bored and my husband's gone at work? I'm going to show ya'll a few pictures!
First, my new Keen slippers. I visited a physical therapist last Thursday who was putting on an expo. The ad said that they'd be able to recommend changes in stride and what not to prevent running injuries. Well since I have no injuries I just decided to ask if there was anything I could do to help my falling arches. He suggested wearing house shoes (slippers). So last night I got a pair and I can't take them off, they're wonderful! They 're so comfy. See:

See, even buttercup loves them all up in her grill.

Next, is a quilt from a beginning piecing class I've been taking. We're two weeks into the four week class and I've finished piecing the top except for the borders which we add tomorrow. I can't wait!
Please disregard the awful hair I'm displaying, I had really wanted to get this quilt together and did nothing with it after I showered....wait, maybe I hadn't showered yet and that was my awful bed head...meh either way, it's not how I try to look in pictures.

Okay I'm getting off the computer and out of the house!


teacherwoman said...

Quilting is fun. I started a quick a year ago and haven't finished it yet. It is all put together, I just need to do the hand stitching to keep the "stuffing" in place.

LOVE those shoes! Too cute

Jess said...

Wow that quilt is awesome! Nice job with it!

Running Mommy said...

Love the quilt and shoes-sorry I missed you this am-I barely got Cela to school on time....Talk to you later

SJ said...

The quilt looks great! Good job :)