Friday, January 23


I'm recovered. I'm pretty sure I was stupidly dehydrated on Tuesday. BUT. This next week, look out 24, here I come!


Sun: 4miles get my legs back under me, no fancy tempo changes
Mon: 5miles, maybe play around with doing a faster 2miles in the middle
Tues: 4miles, hills? Maybe, if I'm not a wuss.
Wed.: 4miles easy, recovery from hills
Saturday (I work Thurs Fri 12): 7miles long and slow.

That equals 24, right? I don't know. But that's my plan. Hopefully I'll stick with it.

Thanks for the advice everybody! See you after the weekend.


Tri Dave said...

Include some pickups (sprints) in some of the runs too. What I sometimes do is pick a song or two and run at a sprint during the chorus of the song, then slow down the pace during the verse. Looks like a strong week!

ECrunnergirl said...

Looks like a killer plan...I say attack it! You can do it and stick to it too!! Good luck!!!

PS Hills make us stronger :=)

Bob Hazen said...

You can do it! If you are struggling with 9 miles I'd build base more before attacking a hill day. 25 miles for 4 week - then do some hills or pickups. If you do it too early you'll get burned out - or you'll fry you legs for the week.

Hold off on hills until you 'want' to run them. Only then will you be ready grasshopper.....

yeah it's corny.....

Blyfinn said...

Nice plan. I'm sure you'll complete it all!

RunToFinish said...

PB and pickles? wow no, never tried that... I really love the taste so much that I like it all by itself, I miss it when I mix it

melinda said...

Sounds like a good plan! Stick to it!