Monday, January 12

I'm not dead!

I did a full 90minutes of Bikram Yoga in a 105degree room and didn't die. Actually I had a really good time, sweated buckets. Since I was already a hot mess after that, I decided to hit the gym cause it wasn't too far away. I did 2.5miles accelerating. My splits looked like this:

0.5: 5:40 (5:40)
0.5: 5:20 (11:00)
0.5: 4:50 (15:50)
0.5: 4:40 (20:40)
0.5: 4:30ish (25:22)

Total of 25:22 for 2.5miles the last 0.5miles was 9:22mpm. Boy, those splits are hard to figure out I hope I did it right. I bet it's not good to go running after you do yoga, is it? Oh well.

Working tomorrow so I probably won't be running. I think I'll try to go to yoga again on Wed. then maybe another run if you all don't think it's too bad for me.

Until next time!

ps- Feel better Tiffany!


Nicole said...

OMG. bikram yoga and then running. how did you have the energy? I did hot yoga a couple of times in chicago I thought I was going to die the 2nd and 3rd times I did it.

jen said...

I don't really do yoga so no advice, but you seem to have handled both well so why not! I would say go with how you feel and don't be afraid to do an easy run or skip it altogether. Great work today! :)

Tri Dave said...

Was the Bikram yoga good? A few people at the gym have been talking about it and I've been thinking about checking it out.

Brooke said...

Wow- you didn't have a headache after that? Bikram alone can give me a headache...I can't imagine running after!

Blyfinn said...

I think that would be to much for me to handle. Good job.

melinda said...

oh my. Bikram.. then running. I would have puked for sure. I have gone running and then Bikram.. it was exhausting. You are impressive!

And in response to your comment, YES I feel great after running :)