Sunday, January 11

I am a bad running buddy.

Or a good one, depending on how you look at it I guess. I'm not running today. Hubby and I split a bottle of wine last night, who ever thinks that's a good idea? I crashed at oh maybe 1030 on the couch only to be woken up by hubby to get my a%$ into bed around 1am. This was after he had played a few hours of video games and watched football while me and my cat slept on the couch. I stumbled to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and crashed again in bed. Woke up today around 9am and I don't feel like running. I should, but the idea of getting on a treadmill for 40+minutes or heck, even 20 seems awful to me. Plus this store in town, backwoods sent me a birthday gift. It's a free $49 value messenger bag thingy and it's ready for me to pick up now. So, I'd rather drive around town doing that then going to the gym and running. Sue me.

I've pretty much decided not to go into work tomorrow afternoon and just go to my night meeting. So that frees up some of my day. I really just don't want to drive all the way down there and back for two hour long meetings, stupid! So I'm just going to the 5pm MOCONS meeting. Meh.

Working tonight so I'd like to think if I wasn't I'd totally be all for the gym, but when my day is cut in half like that it just seems too short. So I'm a bad running buddy for not running but I think my running buddy'll thank me cause we'll be even on mileage starting tomorrow. She beat me last week...grrr. I'm totally going to die in the 1/2 thanks to my week where I was short 4 miles. That's how training works right? You need to get every mile in? ;) Oh well. We still have a while.

I did run 50minutes on the TM with running buddy on Friday, which we estimated at 5miles. So that's good.

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teacherwoman said...

I don't know if you need to get EVERY mile in, but I think getting in a few long runs (8-11 miles) prior to the half is a good idea. Listen to your body!

It's nice to just take a rest day on a Sunday every once and a while... especially when you have to work that evening.