Wednesday, January 21


I think that 9miles might be my limit. I'm never going to get to 10miles, let alone a half marathon.

I'll explain in a minute. Let me catch ya'll up on my weekend. My dad and aunt came to visit. We had a 4.5mile walk together on Sunday. And on Monday my dad and I swam and goofed off at the gym. No biggie, not a great way to start my week of running 22miles like my running buddy's 7miles on Monday.

Well, to make up, I ran last night. I ran for 1:31:01 which, according to running buddy is about 9miles or 8.13 according to the treadmill. AHR 167 MHR 186. Now I took a few walk breaks and took a sip or two of water. I didn't feel horrible, and even considered hanging on a few more minutes and finally breaking the 10mile barrier. But I didn't I went to the gym thinking I'd do 1:30 of running broken up into easier to manage in my head 30minute increments. After the run I did my circuit abs that I'm trying out for the sexy six pack challenge. Upon arriving home I began to think that I didn't feel very well and got myself a tall glass of water and requested that hubby bring home some Gatorade. To recap what I'd eaten for the day: Breakfast: warmed up donut that was still hanging around the house from Sunday morning and a carnation instant breakfast shake with chocolate milk. Lunch: pepperjack's steak Philly and fries, regular soda. About an hour after getting home I vomited (I know TMI) but it continued throughout the night until I fell asleep about midnight. Needless to say, I'm a big whimp about vomiting so I bailed on my morning run this morning. I've drank a Gatorade today and a few big cups of water. As well as healthier food, saltines for breakfast (still shakey), salad and steamed cauliflower for lunch and so far a few mini-cookies before dinner (which will be around 9:30 after hubby gets off work). Could I have been dehydrated last night? Just feeling icky cause I had a Philly for lunch? Sick? I'd been fighting a sore throat for a few days and felt phlegmy all day yesterday. Do I need to consume calories during the run? Should I have taken a shot block or gel to the gym? Any advice more experienced people?

Anyways, I doubt seriously that I'll make 22miles this week. I go back to work Friday Saturday, Sunday. And I only have about 9miles under my belt so far. Bummer. Why'd I have to puke? I'm such a weeney!


teacherwoman said...

You very well might have been dehydrated. In regards to consuming calories while on a long run, this is what I do:

If It's only 5-7 miles I usually don't "eat" anything, but bring along a gatorade or powerade to get some extra sugar. If it's 7 mile or more, I will bring along gu or something like that and have it like at mile 5.

Try that next time, it might help a bit. It's definitely a learning process and you will learn what works for you and your body.

Blyfinn said...

I think you'll get to that elusive 10 mile barrier soon. I remember when it seemed so big. Just never give up.

Jess said...

I follow a similar pattern to teacherwoman. If I'm running anything close to 10 miles I'll bring a gel for around mile five. I also try to drink lots of water or Gatorade to make sure I stay hydrated.

joyRuN said...

I had the same thing happening until I started taking a gel around mile 6. Also, it might help once you can run outdoors.

Have a good weekend.

melinda said...

Eek. I am guessing the puke is from the cheese steak? I am sure you will get past the 10 mile barrier...

Also, thanks for the comment! I added you to my blog roll!

ECrunnergirl said...

Yucky, no fun. My Running Buddy has has similar experiences....all centered around having something to eat that didnt agree with her stomach and then later in the day, trying to run.

I am guessing you had that sandwich for lunch and then later that night you went to the gym. That sandwich was probably still hanging on....then you get home and chug some water after being dehydrated and overheated. I would imagine all those factors combined caused your digestive system to revolt. I always tell my Running Buddy to choose her meals carefully on long run days or key speed work out days. Otherwise, she is in for some tummy trouble in both directions!!

Hang in there Kel, you will make it I promise...just keep plugging away and believe in yourself :-)